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Discover the Key Differences of Magento 2.0

Discover the Key Differences of Magento 2.0 Magento 2 is a highly anticipated shopping cart that is supposed to open unprecedented e-Commerce opportunities for merchants around the globe. Although the platform has not been officially released yet, we would like to show you its main improvements and differences. Features Improvements of Simplified Directory Structure In Magento 2.0, number of directories will be reduced from 9 to 5. Advanced Technologies New Magento will be using PHP 5.5, HTML5 and CSS 3.3 (Relational database management system) Converting Sections into RDBMS Tabular Structure EAV (Entity-attribute-value) data will be less used on Magento 2.0, as platform developers are planning to convert more sections into RDBMS model and implement NOSQL adapter instead. Core Code Upgrade Although current core code will not be replaced on the new version, it will be much more refractory than before. Integration Test Magento 2 will have integration tests that give an opportunity to evaluate core functionality. Component Oriented Module Structure Platform will include modules with high-code coupling. Itll permit merchants to manage module relations much easier. Simple Customization Thanks to the new Visual Design Editor, layout manipulation will become much more straightforward even for inexperienced users. The key differences between Magento 2.0 and 1.x? Among other crucial changes, Magento 2.0 has a number of different tables. There are few added ones, some that are erased, and some modified. Absent tables catalogsearch_query catalogsearch_result catalog_product_enabled_index Renamed Tables 1.X M12.0 beta • CORE_WEBSITE • STORE_WEBSITE CORE_STORE • STORE • CORE_TRANSLATE • TRANSLATION • CORE_URL_REWRITE • URL_REWRITE • CORE_STORE_GROUP • STORE_GROUP • CORE_EMAIL_TEMPLATE • EMAIL_TEMPLATE • SALES_FLAT_ORDER • SALES_ORDER SALES_FLAT_ORDER_ADDRESS •SALES_ORDER_ADDRESS • SALES_FLAT_ORDER_GRID • SALES_ORDER_GRID • SALES_FLAT_ORDER_ITEM • SALES_ORDER_ITEM • SALES_FLAT_ORDER_PAYMENT • SALES_ORDER_PAYMENT • SALES_FLAT_ORDER_STATUS • SALES_ORDER_STATUS_ _HISTORY HISTORY • COUPON_AGGREGATED "SALESRULE_COUPON_ _ORDER AGGREGATED_ORDER MAGENTO 2.0 beta New Columns Magento NEW VERSION E Tables Columns ENTITY_ID CATALOG_PRODUCT_ENTITY_ MEDIA_GALLERY_VALUE CATALOGINVENTORY_STOCK WEBSITE_ID RATING IS_ACTIVE SALES_ORDER_TAX_ITEM AMOUNT, BASE_AMOUNT _ASSOCIATED_ITEM_ID,TAXABLE _ITEM_TYPE Here, at Cart2Cart, we look forward to the official release of Magento 2.0. As soon as platform's final version is available, we will provide an opportunity to Upgrade Magento 1.x to 2.0. Cart2cart Stay in Touch with Cart2Cart: Design by: f GCart2Cart automated shopping cart migration You ube 8+ Sources:

Discover the Key Differences of Magento 2.0

shared by Cart2Cart on Feb 19
Check this infographic to discover what key new features and e-Commerce practices will Magento 2.0 bring to the market.







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