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Direct Carrier Billing: The Most Popular Mobile Payment

DIRECT CARRIER BILLING "Put it on my phone bill" The most popular mobile payment in use today! While mobile payment options like NFC and cloud-based wallets get all the hype, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) has received little attention despite its extensive use, immediate viability and great potential! *also known as Direct Operator Billing More people have mobile phones than bank accounts and credit cards 7.14 BILLION 6.8 BILLION 3.5 BILLION 2.15 BILLION WORLD POPULATION. MOBILE PHONE PEOPLE CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS WITH BANK ACCOUNTS ACCOUNTS Source: U.S. Census Bureau Source: International Telecommunications Union Source: World Bank Source: Nilson Report Carriers have unparalleled number of billing relationships - and that number is growing: In 2014, the number of mobile phones will surpass the world's population. Source: International Telecommunications Union Source: Juniper Research 180 Mobile Banked Penetration Adults illlulıli % 140 120 % 100 %3D 80 20 CAMBODIA INDONESIA VIETNAM MEXICO PHILIPPINES INDIA RUSSIA BRAZIL CHINA MALAYSIA THAILAND Bank accounts vs. mobile penetration in developing markets It's not rocket The Basics of DIRECT CARRIER BILLING science! 3 Ang INTROD Mobile Phone Bill Angry Birds The sun Select billing method $4.99 Birds e tarced enemy. Carrier Billing ICredit Card Angry B updates 14 00 Direct Carrier Billing - Expanding to the Physical Realm! DCB is used most commonly today for digital goods, but holds potential for supporting diverse use cases in the real world Source: Amdocs - Juniper Research 1st Gen Digital 3rd Gen Digital Content Content Mobile Small Ticket Point-of- DCB CURRENT USE (ringtones, wallpapers, infotainment) (apps, music, video, games, ebooks, virtual currency) e-Commerce Ticketing Items Sale DCB POTENTIAL USE Developed Markets Developing Markets Direct Carrier Billing and the App Economy Market estimates for carrier billing share of app store transactions: Monetizing apps with Direct Carrier Billing How big is the app economy? Source: ABI Research Source: Yankee Group Direct carrier billing conversion rates are by 2016 Total apps downloaded in 2012: 5X HIGHER 56 BILLION $11 BILLION than credit cards Total app downloads, 2017 projected: by 2017 160 BILLION $13 BILLION Offering DCB payment can generate more revenue for app stores, app publishers and, of course, mobile network operators Source: Juniper Research Source: Juniper Research Markets offering DCB BlackBerry World. Nokia Store App sales App sales via Google play $250 $50 via DCB credit card 36 14 $200 -225 To app publisher & app store $49 Despite its popularity, iTunes does not offer DCB in any markets yet. With increasing focus on emerging markets, will this change? To mobile To credit card $25-50 $1 iTunes carrier provider Source: Analysys Mason App Store Share 34% 34% 16% 10% 6% by downloads (2012) iTunes O Google Play O Nokia Store Other Storefronts O Operator App Stores Direct Carrier Billing on App Stores is expected to grow! CARRIER BILLING'S SHARE OF APPLICATION STORE REVENUE Emerging markets present the maximum potential for DCB In Indonesia, over 83% of total Windows Phone Store (BY REGION) 2016 Forecast Source: Yankee Group 27% 16% purchases are processed over DCB. Source: Amdocs O LATIN AMERICA O ASIA-PACIFIC O EMEA O NORTHAMERICA 30% 51% Direct carrier billing has had a 300% year-over-year growth rate on Google Play Innovative Use Cases Of Direct Carrier Billing: skype media Gamers in the UK can use Virgin TV subscribers in the Turkish soccer fans can pay Skype users can put their service fees on their monthly mobile phone bill Citizens of Norway can feed direct carrier billing to add funds to their PlayStation UK can buy for match tickets using direct carrier billing video-on-demand with the parking meter via direct Store accounts direct carrier billing carrier billing Angels and Demons of Direct Carrier Billing Will consumers be able to buy physical goods using direct carrier billing? FINANCIAL INCLUSION OF UNBANKED REGULATION AND CONSUMER PROTECTION SMOOTH CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PERCEPTION OF WEAKER SECURITY AND FRAUD HIGHER CONVERSION HIGH CARRIER FEES FIGHT THE DEMONS WITH INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, AND NEW BUSINESS MODELS! Formula for carriers to move DCB to the next level • Leverage existing billing relationships with consumers • Work with leading app stores • Leverage big data • Increase caps on available purchase price points • Reduce revenue leakage - Migrate Premium SMS to DCB • Work with regulators • Educate end users and merchants • Merge with the mobile wallet presented by mobile paymentstoday amdocs embrace challenge experience success .com

Direct Carrier Billing: The Most Popular Mobile Payment

shared by NowSourcing on Oct 30
Direct carrier billing, which first came into use several years ago for buying ringtones and wallpaper, has advanced far beyond its origins. This infographic provides a deeper look into the popular fo...


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