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Digital Vs Print: How Different Are Mail and Email?

Digital Vs Print How Different Are Mail and Email? Mail vs email In a time where digital communications are rapidly increasing, we decided to look into how email really compares to mail. Volumes Mail Email Average number of emails sent PER DAY: Average letter volumes sent/received per year in UK: 13 billion 215.3 billion So many emails are sent and received per day, it would take the UK 16.5 years to send as many letters! Value £20 PIPEY Pends NGLARND £20 Mail Email 50% The average time advertising mail is kept in the home is of emails are typically opened within the first 17 days. 24 HOURS and are typically opened within 12 days of being sent. Once opened, emails can easily be forgotten. A piece of mail around the home is a constant reminder. Engagement 0000 Mail Email 92% 81% of respondents engaged with the brand after receiving a piece of direct mail that they liked. of online shoppers who received emails based on previous shopping habits were more likely to make a purchase as a result of a targeted emailing campaign. PAY Both methods of communication can be highly effective if specifically targeted. Usage Mail Email 50% Email marketing technology is used by 82% of companies report... of B2B and B2C companies. .using direct mail in their marketing mix. Email is more widely used, perhaps due to the lower startup cests. Spend Mail Email On average, marketers spend On average, marketers spend of their 9/ budget of their 10% budget on direct mail. on email. Although direct mail campaign costs are higher, marketers spend a similar percentage of their budget on direct mail & email. Cost per acquisition Mail Email Direct mail is Email is slightly more expensive, effective for customer acquisition, costing £39.59 ($51.40) per order or lead. costing £42.55 ($55.24) per order or lead. Cost per acquisition between the two different channels is actually surprisingly similar! ROI Mail Email The average direct mail ROI is The average email ROI is £7 £38 for each £1 spent for every £1 spent ($7 for each $1 spent) ($38 for each $1 spent) Due to higher campaign costs, direct mail ROI is lower. Psychology Studies have proven: are more than Printed cognitively engaging electronic words ones People believe letters are more honest than emails We judge email writers more negatively than letter writers Although we often see these communication methods as similar, the statistics show that they are in fact very different media that have their own specific functions within the marketing mix. Sources: CITIPOST MAIL Smart mail management

Digital Vs Print: How Different Are Mail and Email?

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The digital world is rapidly growning and people are using email more often than letter now. We decided to look into how many more emails we send and what the is the best choice for engagement. If y...


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