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Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Digital Marketing Trends 2020 INTRODUCTION The digital marketing scope is changing rapidly and by the year 2020, things might look a lot different. Marketing sector has always been changing. Ever since the beginning when marketing went digital, its aspects changed rapidly over the years. Here are some trends that you can look for- ward to in the year 2020: Growth and dominance of Facebook With about 1 billion people, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. This feat is remarkable considering the 1.3 billion people from China are blocked from using this site. There have been some lingering doubts about whether Fa- cebook will still be able to maintain this dominance over the next five years, with sites like Tumblr and snapchat growing in popularity. There is no need to worry though because recent statistics show that Facebook won't be falling any time soon. fr New Social Media Brands There have been some brands that have emerged over the years. These brands have been able to challenge most of the big name brands. Snapchat is an example of this emerging social media brand; some people call it “the Facebook of 2014". A lot more ideas have been aired in recent years and we might see some new brands in the world of social media emerge. Shopping and digital retail will evolve Shopping has always been dependent on marketing. It tends to attract the users and help them decide on what to buy. Ecommerce has always been growing as most people would buy anything online from a toothbrush to a mobile phone. The trend of online buying and selling is going to grow a lot more over the years with the numbers showing an increase by the year 2020. Designing will becomes easier Many graphics companies have had trouble in recent days because of taking photos and graphics from search results which is considered illegal because of copyright laws. These firms end up getting a fine and more expenses on them. As time moves on, it seems that the design tools are getting easier even for the layman to use. Firms still need a graphics person but may not have the budget for it. With the recent trend by 2020, designers might not be needed at all as the design tools seem to get easier. Increase in mobile use Google has recently implemented an algorithm that has made it easier for developers to optimize their websites for mobile use. Statistics have shown that mobile users around the world have increased because of the availability of cheap phones in the market. Apart from that mobile browsing has also passed desktop browsing in recent times. It's safe to say that this will be on the rise as we approach 2020. Meelup f You O Tube Bē CONCLUSION Digital Marketing is important for any business to grow. In recent times this form of marketing has evolved and it still keeps evolving. By 2020, digital marketing will be an important part for businesses with social media platforms like Facebook and snap- chat playing a big part in this growth. Sources:

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

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