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Digital Content Marketing is More Important Than Ever. Here's Why.

Insider Studios Digital Content Marketing Is More Important Than Ever Here's Why Today's consumers are flooded with options. They can find a product, research a company, and decide whether to buy something - all in a matter of minutes. So it's more important than ever for brands to communicate who they are and what they represent. Telling stories through digital content marketing is the best way for brands complement their lower-funnel marketing efforts with brand building. Telling real stories through digital content marketing is the best way for brands to complement their lower-funnel marketing efforts with brand building. Digital content marketing reaches people where they are: 金 - 鍋 ARA It raises awareness, expands an advertiser's cookie pool, and can be repurposed on multiple platforms, beyond the life of a campaign. in line at the drugstore at home at work on the train But what does effective content marketing look like? What works, what doesn't, and where is the industry heading? Insider Inc. has launched its first Content Marketing: Effectiveness and Best Practices report. Here's a look at some of the report's highlights. The Trends Consumers prefer content over ads 2 out of 3 90% of Gen X, millennial, and Gen Z consumers like the idea of brands engaging with them through consumers trust custom content more than traditional advertising. custom content. Digital content builds a relationship with the consumer Digital video offers the opportunity for massive scale Digital audiences are invested, engaged, and open to brand messaging. 2.4 bilion 'billion people will watch digital video at least once a month in 2018. "Interruptive media" is useless if the 75% person isn't paying attention. of those people will watch video on their phones. Reading or viewing content is a powerful ) 45% statement of 88 consumer intent. of people who regularly watch digital video are open to learning about new brands. The Survey To get a complete picture of what's effective in content marketing, you have to go straight to the source. We surveyed senior marketers at brands and agencies to find out what works for them (and what doesn't) in content marketing. This is a sample of what they told us. What is content What is content What defines an effective marketing good for? marketing NOT good for? content marketing campaign? • Surfacing stories people aren't already talking about • Immediate sale of a product People are engaging with the content • Leads and conversions • Building brand equity and trust It puts the brand in a positive light • Driving traffic • Simplifying complex topics • The content can be used in different formats and environments When content marketing doesn't work, what's the reason? What's the value of working witha content studio? • Feels and sounds too much like marketing • Features too much of the brand • Doesn't stand out enough Different take on how to tell the story Voice that the audience trusts and enjoys Audience that the brand isn't reaching Brands, agencies, and publishers need to work together and find new ways of defining what success looks like. What's Next? Measurement standards will change. Distribution is expanding to Facebook Watch, IGTV, vertical stories, OTT, and beyond Survey respondents told us they measured effectiveness in a variety of ways: 8 - ©-5-2 D 79.3% of US internet users watch video on YouTube or Vimeo. engagements and interactions page views and video views proprietary formulas brand-lift studies O 1 billion global Instagram users spend 53 minutes on the app every day. OTT Increasingly, digital video distribution includes OTT. Best Practices for Content Marketing Trust publishers to speak in their own voice. Put yourself in the shoes of Focus on the story. Why does it matter? Be different. Be memorable. your audience. Want to know more? Contact XX for more information on the full report. Insider Inc. • Resources: 1,2. Time Inc.custom content study, 2017 3,4. "Global Digital Video Viewers: eMarketer's Estimates and Forecast for 2016-2021," eMarketer, February 2018 5. "Digital Video Viewers and Brand Connection," IAB and YouGov, April 2018 6. "Emerging Trends in Branded Video for 2018," SimpleReach 7. “Brands just can't seem to quit Facebook," AdAge, March 30, 2018 8. "Q1 2018 Digital Video Trends," eMarketer, March 2018 9. "People spend almost as much time on Instagram as they do on Facebook," Recode/Similar Web, June 25, 2018

Digital Content Marketing is More Important Than Ever. Here's Why.

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Bright and trendy infographic showing trends and popularity of media marketing today.


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