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Difference Between Car Detailing and Normal Carwash

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CAR DETAILING AND NORMAL CARWASH AZUREAUTODETAILING The main objective of both car detailing and carwash is to make the car clean and road-ready. But there are is a huge difference between Car detailing and carwashes like the pricing and the process but the results are pretty the same. What are the factors that make car detailing and carwash different? WHAT IS CAR WHAT IS A DETAILING? CARWASH? It's easy to take the simplest things for granted. Underwear isn't the first thing that There are two types of carwashes you can comes to mind when it comes to donations, get for the washing of your car. and there's a great need for them. MANUAL WASH DETAILING • First is the manual carwash in which the people Car detailing is the full washing and cleaning of your manually wash your car with regular soaps and car. It includes the exterior and interior washing and shampoos. It cleans the dirt from the exterior and the interior of cleaning of your automobile. The car is cleaned with premium soaps and detergent the car. which is safe for your car's paint. The other one is the automatic carwash which only includes the washing of the exterior of your car. • The soaps and detergents used in the Mobile auto detailing don't have any effect on your car's paint. • In an automatic carwash, you won't be able to have The interior of the car is cleaned with steam and cleaning of the interior in your car. vacuum which cleans even the smallest of the area in your car. • The mobile auto detailing helps you to get the best look at your car which might help you a lot if you wish to resale your car. It gives you the best look at your car. It cleans your car completely and doesn't let any dirt, stain, or scratches NORMAL WASH on your car. They use premium quality soaps and shampoos which A normal carwash can help you to get a clean are completely safe for your car. car, but it can leave several scratches and stains on the paint of your car while cleaning or wiping off. It gets done within 20 to 30 minutes as it is a fast and easy method to clean your car. It uses regular soaps and shampoos that might affect the paint of your automobile. • Normal carwashes and automatic carwashes concentrate on efficiency over quality. They try to clean the car quickly so they can bring the next car in for the washing. CONCLUSION These were some reasons that make car detailing much more effective than a normal carwash. If you are looking for the best mobile auto detailers for your car you can get in touch with the Azure Car Detailing company. We provide the best detailing of the car and will deliver quality services in making your look new. Reference (202) 335-1199 III

Difference Between Car Detailing and Normal Carwash

shared by AzureAutoDetailing on Apr 01
As car detailing and car wash have a lot of differences they both are poles apart. Car wash is just like removing outer dust but on the other side auto detailing is deep cleaning of your car. Detailin...


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