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Defend Yourself Against Productivity Dragons

DEFEND YOUR SELF AGAINST PRODUCTIVITY DRAGONS Something new vies for your attention every few minutes: emails, text messages, collaboration tools, phone calls, co-workers, meetings, customers, and the list goes on. The result? Productivity suffers. With discipline and preparation, you can defeat these productivity-killing dragons. We know it's possible because we recently surveyed 2,377 professionals to find out which habits and Hacks drive not only `_productivity, but also top performance versus peers, job satisfaction, and happiness. Do what the Extremely Productive (The XP) do and you, too, can slay the productivity dragops. THE XP ARE 12% 56% (O TOP PER FORMERS >44% SATISFIED WITH 16% THEIR JOBS 48% O) VERY HAPPY 17% 14% of people are Extremely Productive (The XP). They waste less time, are more likely to be top performers, satisfied with their jobs, and very happy. ON AVERAGE, PEOPLE WASTE 4.2 WORK HOURS PER DAY ON The XP slay their dragons with gusto! The Rest? They're more likely to be devoure there are common habits-what we call the 9 Habits MANDATORY/EMPTY ACTIVITIES of Extreme Productivity-to help you defend yourself. The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity RECRUIT YOUR DRIVE IGNITE YOUR MOTIVATION IS MORE A SKILL THAN AN PROACTIVITY ATTRIBUTE; BUILD IT LIKE A MUSCLE GET MORE DONE BY MANAGING YOUR CALENDAR AND YOUR EXPECTATIONS. The XP are 2.2x more likely to be very driven. They recruit their drive by: GODAY 8 ACD 9 ACD The XP are 2.7x more likely to calendar their Invectment activities. Having written goals 10 ACD 11 AM Planning actions and tracking Calendaring time serves 12 PCD two purposes: 1. Reserves time to complete your priorities 2. It lets others know you aren't available progress weekly I PD Holding themselves accountable 2 PM 3 PM 4 PD 5 PM REENGINEER The XP O The Rest D YOUR Keys to Habit Change 25 HABITS The XP are 5.3x more likely Change the trigger I Change your thought than The Rest to have productive work habits. 12% UNDERSTAND HABITS AND YOU I Change your response I Change and clarify the reward CAN CHANGE THEM AS YOU WISH. 63%. Having productive work habits is the #1 key driver most separating The XP from The Rest. OBSESS OVER TIME SAY NO KNOW WHERE YOUR TIME GOES AND PEOPLE AND ACTIVITIES WILL TRY TO SPEND MORE ON WHAT MATTERS. DERAIL YOU. LEARN TO SAY, "NO." reasured: Time you hold dear Say no to: + Unnecessary meetinge + Co-worker interuptions * Talking to prospects who aren't a good fit * Accepting tasks that aren't yours I nvestment: Time that generates outsized return Mandatory: Time you feel you must spend E mpty: Time you waste Investment Nours Per Day PEOPLE SAY NO The XP spend 46% more time on Investment activities per day than The Rest. 5.7 PLAY It takes, on average, 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on task once you've been disrupted. HARD TO GET DND DND YOU'RE NOT AVAILABLE, SIGNAL "DO NOT DISTURB," TURN OFF YOUR TECHNOLOGY ALERTS, AND The XP are 3.8x more likely to not be distracte The XP are 1.8x The XP are 3.4x BE IMPOSSIBLE TO DISTRACT. more likely to turn off alerts. more likely to signal "do not disturb." SPRINT INTO THE ZONE FUEL YOUR ENERGY GIVE YOUR INTENSE FOCUS TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MIND, ONE ACTIVITY AT A TIME TO BODY, AND SPIRIT AND YOU'LL GET INTO THE ZONE. 59% FEEL ENERGIZED. The Zone The XP byoty ty byety ty y s53% The mental state where a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. The Rest people say they get into he zone The XP are 3.5x more likely to sustain their energy for long periods of time. oby rty 15% get more sleep be active reduce caffeine intake take a nap limit alcobol practice mindfulness do yoga watch less tv go outside get fit RIGHT THE SHIP GET BACK TO WORK QUICKLY WHEN Only 8% of The Rest are able to recover quickly when derailed YOU FALL INTO UNPRODUCTIVE HABITS. Say, "3.2.Stop!" Stop the activity as soon as you realize you're doing something contrary to your goals (scanning Facebook, eating after 8 p.m., watching TV, multitasking, attending useless meetings, etc.) from their tasks Does change feel insurmountable? Make a micro change. Make one call, send one email, do three push-ups, take one lesson, clean for five minutes, or read one page. Take baby steps toward habit change. Want to become one of the Extremely Productive and defeat your productivity dragona? > Download our free ebook, The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity. > Contact us to learn more about our Extreme Productivity Challenge. RAIN Group Boston - Bogotá - Geneva - Johannesburg London - Mumbai - Seoul - Sydney - Toronto All data, unless otherwise noted, is from RAIN Group's Extreme Productivity research. [email protected] * Mark, Glora, Daniela Gudith, and Ulnch Klocke. 2008. "The Cost of Intemupted Work Mo Speed and Stress Proonedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (April 107-110. THE XP vs THE REST Storm Enemy s Castle 30 %IE AINO AT WORK

Defend Yourself Against Productivity Dragons

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Increasing productivity goes beyond "doing more" - it's about accomplishing your goals and giving yourself time to do the things that matter most to you. In this infographic, RAIN Group shares new res...


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