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Decentralised Energy 2014 13 May, London

in Share this DECENTRALISED ENERGY 2014 13 MAY, LONDON Decentralised energy refers to energy that is generated off the main grid, including micro-renewables, heating and cooling. It can refer to energy from waste plants, combined heat and power, district heating and cooling, as well as geothermal, biomass or solar energy. Schemes can serve a single building or a whole community, even being built out across entire cities. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @DecenEnGen Why do we need decentralised energy? 80% 學 十多 亦 學 十 击 學 十 击 REDUCTION 27% CO, 學 十 市 學 十 击 學 十 击 學 十多 亦 學 十 市 學 十 市 1990 2050 greenhouse gas greenhouse gas emissions 66 The Big Six need to become the big 60,000.I1 emissions The Climate Change Act of 2008 has committed the UK to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels by 2050. The current power generation sector contributes 27% towards Greg Barker, Energy and Climate Change Minister, September 2013 all UK carbon emissions 11% AA0A A Fuel Poor 35 ENERGY PRICE RISE Projection Rising energy costs mean that in 2011, approximately 11% of all English households were classed as 'fuel poor' Baseline= October 2010, % change 30 25 Scottish Power 37% Energy Price Rise 20 Increase 15 In December 2013 Citizens Advice projected the big six suppliers will have increased their prices by 37% since October 2010 Inflation 10 Average earnings £32 billion 2010 2011 2012 2013 £32 billion per year is spent on heating in the UK Source: ONS, Citizens Advice Credit: Observer graphics Industry potential in UK UK'S GENERATION CAPACITY х3 Currently, around 11% (9GW) of the UK's generating capacity is distributed generation and at least 55% (5GW) of this is renewable Renewable capacity 2011 2020 11% (9GW) distributed generation 55% Renewable capacity is expected to treble between 2012 and 2020 to 45GW (39% of projected total capacity) RENEWABLE Forecasted UK generation capacity UK heat demand 2030 2030 20% £33 billion 14% Heat networks decentralised energy 2010 2020 CHP Capacity +41% Between 2010 and 2030, the total installed capacity of decentralised energy will increase by 130% to 17GW, representing 14% of all UK generation capacity in 2030. 2030 CHP capacity, which is renewable, is predicted to increase by 41% on 2010 levels to 8.6GW in 2020 (around 7% of projected total capacity) ecasted me DECC modelling suggests that heat networks could The forecast penetration will deliver financial savings to UK businesses of £33 billion by 2030. supply 20% of the current UK heat demand by 2030 Growth Statistics from outside the UK 95% domestic heat met by heat networks ШШr 10,000 40,000 on-site generation units 2006 on-site generation units 2013 The number of on-site generation units at commercial and industrial sites in USA has gone from 10,000 in 2006 to 40,000 in 2013 In Malmo, Sweden, 95% of the city's domestic heat demand is met by heat networks – from energy provided by waste, gas CHP, solar and shallow geothermal Find out more at Decentralised Energy 2014 Forum Follow Conversation at @DecenEnGen #DE14 #DecentralisedEnergy #CommunityEnergy Sources: lost-voice-energy-debate/?utm_medium3Demail&utm_source3=Community&utm_campaign=D2039443_ Energy+Efficiency+10.01.2013&dm_i3D1ILQ,17PN7,8CGD7N,43SBW,1 Carbon Connect's Report, Distributed generation: From Cinderella to Center stage DECC (October 2012), Updated Energy & Emissions Projections 2012: Annex J DECC (October 2012), Updated Energy & Emissions Projections 2012 DECC Report, The Future of Heating: Meeting the Challenge (March 2013) Utilyx - Coming of age - decentralised energy? DECC Report, The Future of Heating: Meeting the Challenge (March 2013)

Decentralised Energy 2014 13 May, London

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Visit Follow @DecenEnGen Decentralised Energy 2014 is an annual event brought to you by Climate Action. Established in 2007 and headquartered in London, UK, Climate A...


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