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Customer Experience Definition by Generation

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DEFIN ITION B Y GENERATION Great customer experience is generally defined as giving the kind of service and assistance that exceed what customers expect from your company. But there are generational needs that give it different meanings to different age groups. So what does customer experience mean to your audience? Baby Boomers - Truthful, straightforward, and superior service Wise Well-off Aged 50 and older They have a definite preference for what they like and don't like in a product, as well as the exact type of things they want to buy. What they want: Products that are worth the price and services that level with their pace How to please them: Cut to the chase and capture them at the first line. Since they already know what they want, present the facts and benefits they need right away. Generation X - Flexible, fuss-free, and fast service Busy Independent Born between the 60s and the early 80s They are pretty tech-savvy but still prefer traditional means of doing business from time to time. What they want: The best value that they can get out of their time and money How to please them: Offer the best of both worlds. Since they like the speed and convenience of technology, as well as the reliability of checking out products in the flesh, have online and physical presence. Millennials - Modern and social service Technology-dependent Image-conscious Sociable In their mid-twenties to early thirties What they want: Brands approved by their peers and beneficial to their family, friends, community, and the rest of BUY their network How to please them: Be omnipresent and reputable. Millennials value image in their well-connected world, so they prefer brands that their circles will like. And since they are the tech-savviest, be accessible through every channel they frequent.

Customer Experience Definition by Generation

shared by OpenAccessBPO on Apr 21
This infographic shows how a brand can impress customers by understanding the different customer experience definitions according to generation.



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