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Culligan Industrial Water Filtration Systems

You could give your people Culligan Industrial Water Filtration Systems Culligan Water Culligan offers a wide range of Industrlal water filtration technologles and water treatrment servMces. Industrial water filtration Is used to Improve water quallty throughout facllity processes. Although slmple In appearance, Water filtratlon Is a sophlstIcated treatment process. Industrial water filtratlon does not always correlate to preclse chemical reactlons but, In many Instances, It Is connected to mechanlcal and blologlcal reactlons. Water filters work by removing turbldity from wWater, both coarse as well as colloldal, and by absorblng unwanted tastes, odors and colors. Industrlal water filtratlon can also help Improve water quallty by filterIng out organlc water pollutants, removing mlnerals from water (such as chlorine, manganese, Iron, arsenlc), and/or neutrallzing water acldity. These results can be achleved with a proper Industrlal Water filtratlon system that, In many cases, Is preceded by pre- oxldatlon and chemical conditioning equlpment. Fltratlon makes It even posslble to remove ammonla by means of nitrificatlon. Cullgar's line of Industrial water filtration products offers Innovatlve energy efficlency, whlle at the same time reducing chemical consumptlon and costs. Cullgan Industrlal water filters can be custormized for a huge varlety of filtratlon applications. Cullgan Understands that the conslstent flow of hlgh-quallty water Is vital for the successful contInued operatlons of manufacturers and buslnesses. With one of the fastest timellnes starting from deslgn all the way to Installatlon, Cullgan Industrlal Water stands out by dellverIng advanced Industrlal water filtratlon systerns to manufacturers valulng consistent productlon. Uslng a Cullgan system will Improve the efficlency of your manufacturlng processes. The speclallzed deslgn Indudes ways to reuse grey water for other areas of production, recyde water back to coollng towers, and even redalm water used In regeneratlon with Cullgan's advanced Brine Redalm technology. With Industrlal filters, the automatic cycles of service and backwash are regulated by a group of hydraullc dlaphragm valves controlled by a pllot valve which Is driven by an electronic loglc programmer. Due to this, It pays to have a system tallored to your processes. Industrlal water purlficatlon systerns are more customized, reflecting amounts of water needed, quallty level requlred and appllcatlon of the purlfied water. Locate your nearest Cullgan Man to get a better understanding of the technology avallable for hlgh purity water and spedal application use. Visit for more information about these innovative filter systems! ©2019 Culligan Industrial Water

Culligan Industrial Water Filtration Systems

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Custom-designed to improve water quality throughout industrial processes, a Culligan industrial water filtration system is the answer to problematic source water. Culligan’s line of industrial water...




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