CrowdSourcing Maturity in Business

Crowdsourcing Maturity in Business Crowdsourcing has quickly grown from striking idea to game-changer across the business world, but for every advancement found through crowds, there are those that have never realised their potential. P&G 2 JEFF HOWE OLD BUSINESS INNOCENTIVE P&G launches Connect + Develop to supplement the efforts of Its workforce. InnoCentive crowdsources Innovatlon with qualified'solvers'tackling sclentific problems. Jeff Howe, In an article for Wired, colns the term | crowdsourcing. GO TO 26 O DELL 4 amazon' Dell IdeaStorm Is built to gauge Important/relevant Ideas, but results are underwhelming. Cambrlan House's community develops new busliness and technology ideas. The Mechanical Turk sources Individuals to tackle tasks computers can't handle. GO TO 11 * indiegogo Ushahidi 8. blur Group is started, sowing the seed for the world's first B2B services exchange. Website Indlegogo allows people to crowdfund their creative projects. Ushahidi is an open-source platform for crowdsourcing crisis Information vla mobile. GO TO GO TO 21 20 12 10 KICKSTARTER cambrianhout Kickstarter launches as a competitor to IndleGogo In the crowdfunding space. Cambrlan House project falls to Implement Ideas; blames lack of supervision. Starbucks sources suggestlons from customers, but the My Starbucks Ideas aren't groundbreaklng. GO TO 31 13 14 15 KRAFT Uniluer Kraft uses crowdsourcing to choose a name for a new Vegemite, but ISnack 2.0 Is unpopular. blur launches the Global Services The 'Unilever Consumer Creative Challenge'sources video content for 13 of their brands. Exchange, a new way for buslnesses to source services. MEDIC IMOBILE 18 17 16 \+/ MTV run a contest where the prize Is having a song chosen as Skins' main theme. The UK starts the Your Freedom' initlative to crowdsource ideas for new laws. Medic Mobile helps health workers to glve advice to patients in inaccessible reglons. 19 amazon 20 21 Ushahidi indiegogo Amazon Studlos develops films, tv serles, and comics through worldwlde collaboration. After the Japanese Earthquake Ushahldi launch the largest crisis map ever created. Indiegogo is selected by Obama as a crowdfunding partner for hls startup Inltiative. 24 23 22 Z zipments LEGO Zipments allows anyone with a moble, a car, and a Paypal account to make deliverles. blur Trading launches, turning the Global Services Exchange Into an s-commerce platform. Lego allows fans to upload their own Idea for a product, with six designs created to date. 25 26 27 Oxford University crowdsources the task of transcribing a collection of fragmented papyri. JEFF HOWE Jeff Howe Jolns as part of the editorlal team. Scientists use a game to solve a folding proteln pattern problem as part of AIDS research, P&G 30 29 28 P&G Connect+Develop programme now involves nearly 50% of P&G's products. blur Group goes to IPO on AIM, proving the validity of a mature crowdsourcing platform. Finland amends Its constitutlon so that It can start crowdsourcing laws. 31 33 NEW BUSINESS KICKSTARTER Z zipments Kickstarter sees Veronica Mars break crowdfunding records by ralsing over $5m in funds. IBM launches WaterWatchers to capture, share, and analyse South African water distributlon. Zipments moves to overcome obstacles and security Issues with Insurance and licenses. Rules The three stages towards adopting crowdsourcing into your business model: Crowdsourcing matters now more than ever, and can super-charge businesses when used appropriatel┼│. Leveraging the expertise blur Group can make a real difference to Experimentation Development Maturity mature crowd companies like execution and final results. This is when you're using crowdsourcing adeptly, check out Kickstarter, IBM, and Like Starbucks and You've had some success Vegemite you're ready to get started with crowdsourcing, but where do you begin. Don't make the same mistakes with Crowdsourcing and now you're ready to develop your ideas. Now's the time to incorporate it into your developement strategy and power your If you'd like to modernise the way you buy business services, from marketing and design to legal and accounting services, visit blur Group to see how it's done. as them business, C Copyright by blur Group PLC 2013 O 6007 2011 ( 2008 2005

CrowdSourcing Maturity in Business

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Follow the growth of Corwdsourcing from the initial spark to the current game-changing solution in the business world. Where will it go from here? The only thing to do is to watch and find out.


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