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Cross-Cultural Loyalty Study

COLLOQUY a LoyałtyƆne publication From 2011 Cross-Cultural Loyalty Study 2011 Canadians may have weathered the economic meltdown of 2008-2010 better than their CANADI AN U.S. counterparts, but both Canadians and Americans agree that times are tough and the outlook for the future is cloudy, at best. CROSS-CULTURAL LOYALTY STUDY RESULTS DISCOURAGED for the Future General Affluent Youth Seniors Population Only 18% of Canadians are "very confident" about their/family's economic prospects over the next decade. The credit crunch essentially "discredited" the use of credit across the board among Canadians. The percentage of Canadians who "strongly disagree" that credit use is okay for things you can't afford right now is ten times higher than those "strongly agreeing". Surprisingly, the economic turmoil of the last few years may have been a factor in a growing conservatism among Canadian Youth, who are 4 times more likely than Seniors aged 60+ to view money as "security" and spending as something to be avoided. Top 2 Box "Strongly Agree" on 10 point Scale I am confident that my family's economic prospects will improve over the next ten years. Using a credit card to pay for things you can't afford right now is okay. Money is security; the more you have the saved the better you are, it's best not to spend. 24% 22% 20% 18% 14% 9% 7% 6% 5% 3% 3% 2% DISTRUSTING General Population Affluent Youth Seniors of Business After a long decade of corporate excess, scandal, and failure to avoid recession, Canadian Youth (who came of age in this period) are far less likely to believe that businesses can be trusted than the General Population. Fewer than 1 in 3 youth agree that Businesses can be trusted Businesses can be.. Privacy and Protection of Personal Information can't be too careful I AM CONCERNED ABOUT... trusted Vs 44% T 56% Top 2 Box "Strongly Agree" on 10 point Scale 51% 49% 30% 70% 54% 46% .. the privacy and protection of my personal information. 51% 42% 33% 64% Businesses treat customers... try to take advantage fair vs 61% 39% 67% 33% ... how my personal information is 47% 37% 32% 63% 41% 59% used by companies. 78% 22% Businesses try to... ... my behavior being tracked when I am 33% 23% 22% 47% look out for themselves help customers vs online. 40% 60% 40% 60% ... my behavior being tracked when/if I use a loyalty rewards card. 30% 70% 23% 13 30% 54% 46% DISINTERESTED General Population Youth Affluent in Brand Marketing Seniors When asked about communications relevance from Brands, Canadians give Marketers the poorest marks of any of the six populations studied. Only 5% of the Canadian population feels that such communications are "extremely relevant." Loyalty Marketers fare slightly better, but not by much. Nine percent of Canadians grade the Top 2 Box relevance of Rewards Program Communications as "extremely relevant," with a mean score for the Gen Pop of 6.0, compared with the U.S. and Australia both at 6.4, Brazil 6.5, India 7.5, and China at 7.7. Top 2 Box "Strongly Agree" It pays to be loyal to your favorite brands. 25 50 75 10% 7% 6% 11% I perfer to purchase products made in my own country. 25 50 75 27% 19% 16% 34% Relevance of General Brand and Loyalty Communications Top 2 Box "Extremly Relevent to my needs" 25% General Brand 18% General Brand 16% General Brand 32% Loyalty 25% Loyalty 20% Loyalty China India Brazil 9% General Brand 5% General Brand 7% General Brand 15% Loyalty 9% Loyalty 14% Loyalty USA Canada Austraila Canadian Relevence of Loyalty Communication General 9% Population Affluent 3% Youth 7% Seniors 12% a LoyałtyƆne Source: 2011 COLLOQUY Cross-cultural Loyalty Study, Canadian Results - Sponsored by Epsilon COLLOQUY| publication

Cross-Cultural Loyalty Study

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U.S. and Canadian companies are battling it out to win their share of customers, and in spite of record numbers of consumers in both countries signing up for rewards-program memberships, many reveal a...




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