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The Creative Process

THE CREATIVE PROCESS O FINDING DESIGN ISSUES a A Fast Paced Society Creating a Universal Sign Language Striking Work Life Balance Bridging Business and Design Transpire Pursuing Happiness Chasing Leisure The Cost of Urbanization Silent Workers of Singapore ¤ 2 CHOSEN ISSUES 000000 000 longlonolonai 000000000 CHOSEN ISSUE #01: CHOSEN ISSUE #02: CHASING LEISURE TRANSPIRE Get Singaporeans to slow down their pace of Life and enjoy the journey more. Advocate idea sharing through collaboration, almed to transcend peer and social progression. a OUTCOMES FOR WEEK 6 CHOSEN ISSUE #01: CHOSEN ISSUE #02: CHASING LEISURE TRANSPIRE App Signage Publication Branding Manifesto Incubator Website E FINAL ISSUE CHOSEN E Transpire THE PROBLEM THE EFFECTS -Competirion Social dilemmas Fear of ideas being stolen - Hinder's designer's growth -Lack of new and innovative ideas Idea sharing is not a common sight in the realm of the design Industry, especially in design Institutions. Designers are often too guarded over their ideas because of the fear of ideas being stolen and social dilemmas. The decline in new and innovative ideas is a result of a lack of idea sharing. *STATEMENT * Designers should encourage a collaborative culture, on both online and offline platforms, through a two-prong collaborative approach -knowledge-based collaboration where creatives and non-creatives can pool and share ideas and resources, and work-based collaboration where conventional and unconventional means of collaboration happens. The sharing of ideas through a participatory approach and the ability to work with others on their ideas create a cross pollination of thoughts that will only push design forward and increase designers" learning curve. *HYPOTHESIS* E TARGET AUDIENCE PRIMARY SECONDARY Creatives in the Design Industry. Including Student Designers and Design Educators Non-Creatives E SEMESTER ONE OUTCOMES MRKTPLACE INITIATIVE CPJ BRANDING & PLANS FACEBOOK PAGE Documentation of my research findings and processes for the first semester. Swap. give away, or rent their unwanted art materials to create a collaborative consumption culture. Visual identity and plans for the project Social medla as a platform to promote my project. DIRECT MARKETING ADVERTISEMENTS THE BOOK OF FUTURE IDEAS STARTER KIT Advertisements and EDMS will be created to Inform design institutions and design studios about the Movement The advertisenments will be launched in December. The book will travel around strategic places in Singapore to collect people's Ideas, thoughts, or hunches that they misht have. The ideas in this book will be transferred to an It consists of an Instruction manual on how to use the starter kit, a guidebook to collaboration, 10 pleces of collaboration interest card, post it pad, and project action plan tear off pad. online platform for continual sharing of ideas and also look for potentlal collaborators. a SEMESTER TWO OUTCOMES E CPJ CREATIVE ARTWORIKS FOR WEBSITE WORKSHOPS EXHIBITION Documentation of my research findings and processes for the second semester. Conduct workshops based on the idea of barter trading for education. Work on artworks that will be showcased during the exhibition A website that promotes the project and informs our followers with latest updates via blog A2 EXHIBITION POSTER EXHIBITION CATALOGUE EXHIBITION DESIGN MISCELLANY VOL. 1 & SET UP A documentary book about the project. Poster for the exhibition. Source for venues and spaces to host the exhibition, as well as materials and resources needed for the exhibition Catalogue for the exhibition a SWAP MEET #1 M OBJECTIVES 1. Promote a collaborative consumption M FEEDBACKS 1. Hope to see more meetings 2. AWESOME 3. Try bringing in people from outside Design Comm to participate community 2. Glve unwanted materials and tools second life a USER TESTING = FINDINGS 1. Information Overload 2. More collaboration examples 3. Need to have a strong focal point for your project M REMOVED AFTER DEEMED UNEFFECTIVE 1. Direct Marketing Advertisements 2. The Book of Future Ideas 3. Starter Kit YES NO ¤ CREATIVE WORKSHOP #1 10 participants silkscreen workshop hours of fun! E DOCUMENTARY E Beyond is a series of short films that features the people I have collaborated with for the past year. Beyond the outcomes, I seek to celebrate the collaboration process, as well eunerience uploaded to Vimeo interviewees as to document their insights and exp a WEBSITE a и ОВЕСТIVES I SITEMAP A website that promotes the project and informs our followers with latest updates via blog. Blog -Portfolio -About Gallery Series - Mrktplace -Contact E ARTWORKS I THE WORK W THE PROCESS 1 LEARNING CURVE COLLABORATION STARTS WITH An introductory video that educates people on what Transpire is all about. Serene worked on the tune, while I animated the video. Overcome limitations FRIENDSHIP Ryan Len Serene Yap 1 THE WORK W THE PROCESS M LEARNING CURVE COLLABORATION IS ABOUT Worked collaboratively on An automatic printer that prints Instagram photos that have been tagged with the hash tag #transpiresg - Leam new things together -Overcome limitations Break boundaries BREAKING the coding of the printer and display. BOUNDARIES Ryan Len x oel Gah COLLABORATION I THE WORK W THE PROCESS W LEARNING CURVE IS ABOUT THE Beverse clock, a reflective about Time Jacky worked on the clock mechanisms and i woded on the aesthetics of the clock face. -Learn from each other Overcome timitations COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT EXPERTISE Break boundaries -New Insight Ryan Len x Jecky Cheah THE WORK W THE PROCESS COLLABORATION IS ABOUT WORKING M LEARNING CURVE A papercraft poster reflecting on the theme "Start a Collaboration Ella applied her drafting skills, while I used my crafting skills. We learn from each other and finish the work collaboratively Learn from each other TOGETHER ON COLLECTIVE INTEREST Ryan Len x Ella Dheng и THE WORK W THE PROCESS M LEARNING OURVE COLLABORATION IS ABOUT - Gives unwanted tools & materials second life Mrktolace Initiative Swap, give away, or rent unwanted art materials to create a collaborative consumption culture. bi-annual Swap Meets COMBINING RESOURCES -Promote a collaborative consumption Lifestyle Everybody 1 THE WORK W THE PROCESS COLLABORATION IS ABOUT LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER I LEARNING CURVE She tausht me how to ink and I taught her how to silkscreen. Leam from each other contemporary lustration silkscreen prints using teacher-student relationships as a metaphor Ryan Len x Sumye COLLABORATION I THE WORK W THE PROCESS W LEARNING CURVE IS ABOUT Digital illustration on canvas Eeshaun did the llustration digitally and passed it on to me to complete the work without knowing what I'll do with it. -Learned AfterEffects -Trust is very important in a collaboration TRUSTING EACH OTHER WILL D0 THEIR JOB WELL Ryan Len x Soh teshaun COLLABORATION 1 THE WORK W THE PROCESS 1 LEARNING CURVE IS ABOUT IDEA We brainstormed for the best idea together and decide to do an integrated campaign to promote ir's Nice That Adapting to each other's working styles -Learned new things from DOAD Brief - It's Nice That SHARING Ryan Len xElla heng Joel Goh each other COLLABORATION W THE WORK W THE PROCESS I LEARNING CURVE IS ABOUT PARTICIPATION Exhibition design The exhibition was designed with visitors as collaborators in mind. Involving works of participation from visitors such as the automatic printer artwork. - Learned Google Sketchup -Leaned how to curate and prepare for a show E A2 EXHIBITION POSTER B 100 X60 percent handmade prints done with silkscreen a EXHIBITION CATALOGUE E 100 50 percent handmade sets produced printed at home a EXHIBITION DESIGN & SET UP E artworks showcased 29 - 31 Mar 2013 Block H, Level 5, 14 Panels 4 Pedestals 3 Shelvings 12PM - 9PM Room H503 a CREATIVE WORKSHOP #2 16 participants sessions techniques Marbling Cloud Spraying Gold Leafing a MISCELLANY VOL. 1 M OBJECTIVES I TABLE OF CONTENTS A documentary book about the project processes and journey, Why We Fear Collaboration? The Detrimental Effects of Not Em tion The Importance of Embracing C Defining Collaboration Methods to Encourage a Collaborative Culture Bibliography Creative Workshop Blood, Sweat, Tears Hundred Percent Handmade Collaboration Transpire: The Exhibition Opening Night Version 2.0 ALL OUTCOMES COMPLETED! NEED TO PREPARE FOR FINAL ASSESSMENTS NOW.

The Creative Process

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Creative process chart of Transpire: Fostering A Collaborative Culture project


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