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Create Your Own Advertising Network

Adware ROI Create Your Own ADVERTISING NETWORK Do YOU KNow WHY MOST paID ADVERTISING CHANNELS Don't WORK anYmOre? 1 Most channels are saturated. 2 PPC bid prices are ultra-competitive. 3 high enough CTR and low CPM with an ad that converts. Display inventory is challenging. You have to achieve a Almost every form of internet marketing is 4 going up in price as it gets more competitive. Neep a way TO ATTRACT more CLIENTS, On a REGULAR Basis, WITH LOWER COSTS? %$4 STOP investing in a click from an ad network START spending that money acquiring a user that you can market to for long periods of time for FREE Use AdwareROI to create your own private network of users & show them unlimited browser based advertisements. 24) COST-EFFECTIVE $4 Average PPC costs: between $0.91 and $5.82 4) depending on your domain $0 $10 Why pay for a click when you can buy users directly? Adwords ROl installs costs: from $0.05 to $0.30 depending on geo The added benefit? You can market to them multiple times for free! $0 $0,5 MULTIPLE WaYS TO ADVERTISE: Unlimited popups, slide in banners, rich media place- custom ad ments, data harvesting, and so on You have unlimited possibilities when you utilize your own custom javascript WHAT YOu GET WITH ADwareROI? An admin panel -to monitor stats & implement your monetizations A windows installer - Executable software you would distribute to your PPI company, affiliates, or landing pages. A way to Generate installs by co-bundling with other software (typically called Pay Per Install) or with wrapping it with your own software application. Inject your advertisements whenever they open the browser. Advertise EVERY DAY, for FREE! TesTeD BeneFITS OF ADwareROI: Acquire real users - Market to users as long Sell your ad inventory Support Portal for all stop renting clicks for as they are in your to other marketers. your customer support outrageous prices. network. Statistics Create a CPV ad needs. Instant access to show they stay 30 days network and get paid! knowledge that helps to a year or longer! you grow your network. Awesome FeaTURes: FUTURE PROOF & BROWSER INDEPenDenT Accurate STATISTICS Easy TO UPDATE Domain TRIGGERS (POPUP a new URL WHen THEY VISIT a compETITOR'S PaGe) CUSTOM JS INJECTION AdwareROI Discover an AFFORDABLE aDware PLATFORM THAT ALLOWS YOU TO QUICKLY & easILY MoneTIze YOUR UsER Base. Email us at [email protected] for more information or check Sources: *CompatIBLe WITH WinDows XP, 7, 8.1+ %24

Create Your Own Advertising Network

shared by Infobrandz on Aug 10
This infographic tells you how you can create your own advertising network easily. It discusses why paid advertising channels fail to work and how more clients can be attracted with low costs. The imp...


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