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Create an Inspiring Workplace in 2017

CREATE AN Inspiring Workplace IN 2017 Some of the most prevalent design trends not only improve the aesthetics of your workplace, but also INSPIRE WORKERS DAY IN AND DAY OUT ADD MORE COLOR SCIENCE SAYS We experience physiological changes when we're exposed to certain colors. Red Green and blue Yellow and orange can help employees feel excited and can help employees feel relaxed, hopeful, can help employees feel stimulated stimulated. and calm. and energized. TIPS Whlle neutrals are Use color as an Support your brand by using brand colors In your office deslgn. useful, don't shy away organizational tool. from bold colors. CREATE DESIGNATED LOUNGE SPACES SCIENCE SAYS Taking short breaks every hour or so allows your mind, body, and attention span to rest, which can improve productivity and focus while working. TIPS Include comfortable seating and cozy setups Ilke a coffee shop or café. Design your space with distinct zones to accommodate individual and collaborative work. Place your lounge or play area next to the kitchen to emulate a home and keep nolse In one area. Work Collaboratlon Focus USE ADAPTABLE FURNITURE SCIENCE SAYS Workplaces that enable collaboration without sacrificing the ability to focus are more successful. TIPS • Look for furniture pieces that: Can lock and unlock together Can be moved easlly Have multiple uses Have adjustable levels of prlvacy MAKE USE OF CO-WORKING SPACES SCIENCE SAYS People who use co-working spaces feel like they're part of a community and see their work as meaningful. TIPS If your office has extra room, Invite complementary or smaller organizations to use the space. If you work from home, seek out co-working spaces for some or every day of the week. PROVIDE ONE-PERSON QUIET ZONES SCIENCE SAYS • Office workers report they're most comfortable when the noise level is between 48 and 52 decibels (dB). Whisperlng Is Casual chattlng Is around 30 dB. around 60 dB. TIPS Offer a small quiet zone with set guldellnes for employees to follow. Look Into Indlvldual privacy pods or nooks. If pods or nooks are out of the questlon, Invest In a set of high-quality, noise-canceling headphones. INCORPORATE WELLNESS DESIGN SCIENCE SAYS Workers experience improved quality of life when offices are enriched by plants. TIPS Invest In standing desks, stablity ball chalrs, and other health-focused Bring the outdoors In with natural elements and materlals like reclalmed wood, stone, and llve greenery. furniture. • Pay attention to less obvious aspects of wellness including: Thermal comfort Acoustics Natural llght Alr quality Current office design trends can inspire workers, promote productivity, improve mood, and more. SOURCES: BROUGHT TO YOU BY CUBICLE CONCEPTS 000

Create an Inspiring Workplace in 2017

shared by Ghergich on Mar 30
Does your office look boring or drab? A well-designed office can inspire workers in many ways. Learn all about the latest office design trends plus get tips on how to implement them in your space.




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