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Crazy Market Bubbles (English)

Crazy market bubbles The visualisation explores the main speculative bubbles' from the 15th Century to the present, demonstrating their true economic impact. 1637 477.675% 45.400% eDigital 1634 1637 35.000% Tulips Poseidon NL +5.900% Tulips price 25.000% Greek Sovereign Debt 2012 1720 2012 1.000 billion euro: cost for EU in cașe of exit of Greece from euro Tulip Mania 1637 15.000% 1719 1721 Bre-X S&P Homebuilders Index 2005 1635 300 florins: average cost of accomodation in Amsterdam Minerals Fannie May 2008 South Sea +750% Share South Sea Co. 765.000 thousands: US houses distrained only during July, August and Şeptember 1637 5.200 florins: maximum cost of a tulip 1642 1.600 florins: payment Rembrandt received to paint «The night watch» Company 10.000% Nasdaq-100 Index 2000 2000-2001 $2 million dollars: cost of a 30-second commercial during SuperBowl Атazon 1929 Cisco Pulte Group 2000 Merrill Lynch 17 dotcom commerçials aired during SuperBowl: 1925 1936 InfoSpace 2001 Novastar Great Depression +231% Indu Index 3 dotcom commercials aired during SuperBowl Атerican Financial International Citigroup Budapest Index 4.000% Bubble of shark liver Group General Silver Freddie Mac 1980 2008 3.000% Motors Taiwan Indeх Gold MBIA Inc 1972 2012 2.000% Beazer Ambac Nikkei Uranium Oil Presstek Ноmes Financial +428% e +1.255% Dollars per drum Index Dow Jones USA Index Group Corning КВ Ноте South Sea Morgan Stanley 2000 Сотpaпy 1720: Palladium 1.000% 1720. Nortel Lehman £20.000 sterlings: sum sir Isaac Newtonlost buying shares from South Sea. He said: «I can measure object :dynamics, not һиman folly» Networks Internet Index Cacao Brothers 1990 2002 +2.748% Nasdaq-100 dotcom Palladium Platinum Global Crossing Oil Crisis 198o Platinum Shanghai 2005 500% Index Indu Index 1929 24 October 1929 (Black Thursday) $14 billion dollars: value lost by New York Stock Exchange equal to 10 times annual budget of federal government Oil crisis 2008 1990 2009 FT Actuaries 2008 159 liter: oil contained in a drum $148 dollars: price per drum in July 1,52 éuro: price in Italy of one litre of oil in July All-Share Index Loans subprime +2.944% 250% S&P Homebuilders Japanese asset price bubble 2012 Numismatics bubble Railway Mania United Kingdom 100% 2006 2012 1637 1720 1845 1929 1930 1970 1977 1980 1989 1990 1996 1999 2000 2001 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2012 Greek sovereign +477.675% debt Credit default swap 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 Bubble size is represented according to the distance (increment) from: point A (accumulation) to point B (bubble peak). The 3 phasis of a market bubble: A- Accumulation, moderate rise with stock Colours = 7 clusters trends %3D (bubble groups), which represent highlighted in left column increase; B- Bubble, exponential growth of the stock/price in virtue of new capital or of externalities in the reference market; C- Burst, fall of the stock/price, loss of invested capital, collapse of the volumes of the reference market. bbles related from common Cluster causes. SSngular AB = = area bubble X= Peak year Y= Increase at % peak ......

Crazy Market Bubbles (English)

shared by accurat on Sep 13
Which was the stock market bubble that historically impacted the most? Did you know that the Greek sovereign debt is bigger than the sum of all the other bubbles? Did you know that in 1637 a tulip bul...


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