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Could you Invest in Solar?

Trillion Fund Could you invest in solar? Answer a few simple questions to find out how you can profit from the sun Do you own your own home and roof? ....... NO .... You need to own the property, crucially the roof, if you want to install the panels and reap the benefits. YES; An additional point: Your property must be rated D or above for energy efficiency to be able to claim the Feed-In Tariff. Do you have £10,000 to invest? Does it face roughly south, and is it shade free? YES ................NO.......... NO YES; This is generally a minimum when investing into a fund, however some projects will have lower Solar panels can be installed on east or west facing roofs, although the annual energy revenue will be at least 20% less than a comparable south facing roof. Shading can reduce system output by up to 90%. minimum requirements. Do you want to make your own investment decisions? YES Are you in a sunny part of the UK? NO........... NO If you're not confident seek independent advice before investing. Unsurprisingly this is important. For example Portsmouth YES receives on average 25% more sunlight than Aberdeen. You or your installer need to check your radiation levels, This is the typical cost of a domestic installation. Fund managers will make investment decisions for Do you have £4,000+ to invest? ..............NO.... you, but will charge fees. YES FUND Consider making an indirect investment, PROJECTS Look into making a RENT OUT YOUR ROOF OR GO FOR A SOLAR LOAN Points to consider: INSTALL YOUR Points to consider: Points to consider: Points to consider: Are you planning on living in the property for at least 7 years? Whilst the panels should increase the value of your home, they may deter some potential buyers. OWN PANELS If you are renting your roof, be prepared to find a lease for up to 20 years. Investing in a fund means you delegate the decision on exactly where your money goes. It also means that you will be paying for this service, which will dilute your return. This option allows you to diversify your investments by putting money directly into projects, which you choose yourself. direct investment Installing your own panels is still by far the most profitable way to invest in solar because you keep all the returns for yourself and benefit from cheaper bills. e.g. througha fund into a project How much electricity can you use? Most savings come from using electricity when the sun is shining, if you cannot use it then (even setting a timer is fine) your returns will be lower. If netther of these options appeal, you can still invest in a project or fund that has a low minimum requirement. If you are considering a loan, compare the interest rate with the returns available on an invest- ment in a solar fund. Visit our directory Visit our directory for a sample of funds investing in solar. * Solar energy investments carry risks. Part or all of your original invested capital may be at risk and any return on your investment depends on the success of the project invested in. Solar investments tend to be long term and may not be readily realisable (and their value can rise or fall). Estimated rates of return are variable and estimates are no guarantee of actual return. Consider all risks before investing.

Could you Invest in Solar?

shared by TrillionFund on Apr 09
There's a lot of love for solar out there. It is the UK's favourite renewable energy, with 85 per cent of the vote.


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