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Could You Be Experiencing Job Burnout?

Could You Be Experiencing Job Burnout? Psychology Today states that the difference between stress and burnout is a matter of degree. Hence, the earlier you spot these signs, the better you can avoid burnout. Signs of Physical and Emotional Exhaustion Signs of Cynicism and Detachment Loss of Enjoyment Chronic Fatigue Pessimism Insomnia Isolation Loss of Appetite Forgetfulness 8 Detachment Anxiety Impaired Concentration and Attention Feelings of Apathy and Hopelessness Depression Physical Symptoms Increased Irritability ☆☆☆ Anger Increased Illness Lack of Productivity and Poor Performance Signs of Ineffectiveness and Lack of Accomplishment Main Work-Related Stressors CHANGE IN MANAGEMENT LACK OF SUPPORT ORGANIZATION CULTURE PAD MANAGEMENT PRACTICES JOB CONTENT AND DEMANDS ROLE CONFLICT TRAUMA PHYSICAL WORK ENVIRONMENT RELATIONSHIPS AT WORK Common Causes of Work-Related Stress Long Hours - (O - Inadequate Working Environment Heavy Workload - - Lack of Proper Resources Changes within - the Organization - Lack of Equipment Tight Deadlines - - Few Promotional Opportunities Changes in Duties - - Harassment Job Insecurity - - Discrimination Lack of Autonomy - - Poor Relationship with Colleagues or Bosses Boring Work - Insufficient Job Skills - - Crises such as an Armed Hold-up or Workplace Death Over Supervision - To tell if you're going through job burnout, Mayo Clinic asks you to answer these questions in all honesty. Do you drag yourself to work and find it hard to start once you arrived? Do you become irritable or impatient with your colleagues Do you become cynical or critical at work? Do you lack the energy to be productive always? Do you lack satisfaction from your achievements? Do you find your job boring? Do you use food, drugs, or alcohoi to feel better or to be numb? Do you notice a change in your sleep habits or appetite? Do you experience unexplained headaches, backaches, or other physical complaints? If most of your answers to the above are "YES", then you may have job stress or, worse, job burnout. However, a few of these symptoms may show another health condition such as a thyroid disorder or depression. To be sure, consult a doctor or a mental health provider. Sources: Mayo Clinic | Better Health Channel | Psychology Today in 唱 B

Could You Be Experiencing Job Burnout?

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Stress in the workplace is normal and happens to almost everyone. However, those who can’t manage job stress may suffer more serious conditions later. As a professional, always be in control of your...


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