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Corporations That Care

Corporations "Care That For-profit businesses aren't always known for their generosity. But dozens of U.S. companies buck that trend every year, reaching into their often-deep pockets and giving money to help make a difference for some of society's most vulnerable populations, including underprivileged children, battered women and hungry people. Which companies have the deepest pockets and are working to make the biggest impact on some of these difficult social issues? Here's a look at which companies are the most generous, taking into account their profits and contributions, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy's annual corporate giving survey:" Total cash donations Giving as percentage of pre-tax profit the larger the circle on the left side, the higher the overall donations Education (K12) Hunger/ food security Kroger Military veterans "eyer Women's issues $77.4 9.2% Human Local/ regional services million causes Education (K12) StateFarm $64 Community/ economic 7% development million General Mills Hunger/ food $102.7 Education (early childhood and K12) security 4.2% Families million Community/ economic development Goldman Šachs $241.3 Military veterans 3.9% million Women's issues Education Chigher education) TARGET. Education (K12) Hunger/ food security $147 3.3% Human services million Arts/ culture Education (early childhood, K12 and higher ed) at&t Arts/ culture United Way $95.5 Health (U.S.) 1.4% Community/ economic million Housing development Community/ economic Human services development WELLS FARGO $315.8 1.3% million Education (K12) Local/ regional causes Community/ economic development Environment/ conservation Walmart>* Save money. Live better. $311.6 1.3% million Hunger/ food security Women's issues $55.3 Real-estate Education (K12) acquisition CapitalOne 1.2% Housing Community/ economic development million Johmen-Johmsen $131.3 Health (global and U.S.) 1.1% million Education (K12 and higher ed) Health (global) United Way Lity $54.9 Community/ economic 1% Hunger/ food security development Diversity million $54.2 A Abbott International relief/ development 1% ( O Science/ technology A Promise for Life Health million cíti $137 Community/ economic International 0.9% Education Chigher education) development million Children/ youths Environment/ conservation Science/ technology Google $105 0.9% ( O International relief/ development Education (K12) million Community/ economic development Women's $62.4 HIV/ AIDS ISsues Education (K12 and higher ed) MERCK 0.9% million Health (global and U.S.) United Way Environment/ conservation $161.5 Education (K12) Health 0.8% (global and U.S.) million Community/ economic development Diversity Recreation Coca-Cola Environment/ conservation HIV/ AIDS $96.6 0.8% Education (K12 and higher ed) million Health Women's issues $60.3 0.8% ( O million Health (U.S.) UnitedHealth Group" Health (global and U.S.) Bristol-Myers Squibb $53.8 Mental health Military veterans 0.8% million HIV/ AIDS usbancorp $47.7 United Way Education (K12 and higher ed) 0.7% O million Community/ economic development Arts/ culture Community economic development JPMorganChase Minority issues $183.5 0.7% ( ● Housing Military veterans million Education Cearly childhood, K12, higher ed) Economics Chevron Education (K12) $262.4 0.6% million Health (intel) Science/ Diversity technology $104.9 0.6% million United Way Education (K12 and higher ed) $60.7 Health Oiuer 0.5% million $56.4 verizon Education (K12) Health (U.S.) 0.5% million HMicrosoft Community/ Arts/ culture Nonprofit development eco International $99.7 development 0.4% million Children/ youths Human services Social entrepreneurs Local/ regional causes $53 Housing P&G Health (global) Human services 0.4% million ExonMobil. Science and technology $213.4 Education (K12) 0.3% Health (global million Women's issues ш Civic Arts/ culture affairs Health $50.2 ConocoPhillips 0.3% million Education (K12 and higher ed) Environment/ conservation IBM $48.3 Community/ 0.2% economic development Education (K12 and higher ed) Human services million Define "Generous"... HOW DO CORPORATIONS COMPARE TO AVERAGE AMERICANS? In 2011, corporate donations amounted to $14.55 billion. That same year, individuals gave $217.79 billion. SOURCES 1. 3. %24 Ke

Corporations That Care

shared by StaceySD on Apr 22
The following infographic takes a look at some of the most generous corporations that give money to help make a difference for some of society's most vulnerable populations, including underprivileged ...


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