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Corporate Social Responsibility

June 2014 THE FUTURES COMPANYS Visual Insights presents CORPORATE 6 SOCIAL Responsibiliy Defined as: THE COMMITMENT BY BUSINESS TO: BEHAVE ETHICALLY AND CONTRIBUTE TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WHILE IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE WORKFORCE AND THEIR FAMILIES AS WELL AS OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY AND SOCIETY AT LARGE 45% 71% 56% SAY FEEL AGREE THERE IS A BRAND THAT HAS INCREASINGLY SKEPTICAL OF OFFENDED THEM SO MUCH CLAIMS MADE BY BRANDS "I AM MORE LIKELY TO BUY A BRAND IF I THAT THEY WILL NEVER BUY THAT BRAND AGAIN ON PACKAGING AND ADVERTISEMENTS FEEL THAT IT IS CONTRIBUTING TO MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE." Fach.. CONSUMER TRUST OF ORGANIZATIONS IS LOW AND, UNFORTUNATELY GETTING LOWER WHO'S TRUSTED TO BE HONEST AND FAIR? 2008 2012 LARGE, NATIONAL RETAILERS 30 SMALL, LOCAL YOUR EMPLOYER 23 RETAILERS 55 15 18 INVESTMENT COMPANIES 26 CREDIT CARD 19 COMPANIES ACCORDING TO A WHARTON SCHOOL ANALYSIS, AS RECENTLY AS 10 YEARS AGO ONLY ABOUT A DOZEN FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES ISSUED A CSR OR SUSTAINABILITY REPORT. Now, MORE THAN HALF DO. SO YOU WANT TO INTEGRATE CSR? THE FUTURES COMPANY CAN HELP YOU EFFECTIVELY INTEGRATE CSR INTO YOUR BUSINESS: 1Plan 2 Preach 3 Practice Develop a solid structure, strategy, and process for implementing your CSR efforts. This means standardizing or streamlining CSR processes so that efforts can be easily implemented by different business units. Identify CSR leaders within your organization to manage and promote initiatives. Raise awareness, provide details, and communicate the importance of the cause within your organization. But don't stop there-continue to communicate progress and celebrate objectives or milestones reached. Practice the CSR values that you preach. Make it easy for your employees to get behind it. Be bold and creative and infuse your organization's character into these actions. Never lose sight of your key long-term CSR objectives. the To dig deeper into CSR, contact us at: futures [email protected] company SOURCE: The Futures Company. 2013 U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR

Corporate Social Responsibility

shared by jaclynsalem on Jun 09
What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how important is it to today's consumer? How can you successfully integrate CSR into your business?


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