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Corporate Culture Mindset

CORPORATE Is This Good for the COMPANY? CULTURE- MINDSET THE DIFFERENCE IS OUR PEOPLE is culture< important? what is corporate culture? (quotes from business experts) the set of tacit understandings and beliefs that form the "Culture eats strategy what defines culture? for lunch, foundation of how an organization works 7 individual and team behaviors "We have plenty of technology. What we need is to pause and change the culture to capture the value," 7 corporate definition of norms Ø specific processes Z how individuals and the organization make decisions LEADERS IN A NEN KIND OF CORPORATE CULTURE PTHE CULTURE AT PIXAR innovation demands the ability to live with ambiguity employees must be linked, not ranked PIXAR IS IT A FORK OR A SPOON? HIGH FIVE! ANIMATION STUDIOs TEAMWORK "When art and technology come together, magical things happen." passionate innovative leaders make work fun creative ideas come from collaborations MORE BRAINS, BETTER IDEAS. -Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull MY JOB! COOL THINGS ABOUT WORKING AT PIXAR superheroes guard your office your coworkers are actually creative not just while making up excuses to stay home from work... "AN AIRPLANE LANDED ON MY HOUSE forget security systems. pixar is guarded by the incredibles the best wall art animators make the only truly inspirational office art we've seen ever "SO PRETTY all the cereal pixar has a giant room full of cereal, which is maybe the best thing ever you can eat "CHEERIO MATE" cube, sweet cube animators work in cute little huts instead of cubicles. (bigger and more luxurious than some apartments) 'I WORK IN A HUT´ PTHE CULTURE AT PATAGONIA doing as little harm to the environment long-term view patagonia as possible I CAN SEE FAR HHV. individuality flourishes while employees take pride in contribution Patagonia sent 7 teams to help after the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill flexible work hours WE OUR PEOPLE! "CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN COOL THINGS ABOUT WORKING AT PATAGONIA fitness benefits best perks alternative work environment, fitness, community & environmental exercise areas for yoga or aerobics during workday 'I CAN CLIMB A TREE AT WORK support flex time -great balance between work and life, -culturally accepted for employees to take time off to pursue balance *LET MY PEOPLE GO. SURFING green initiatives environmental internship - employees work for nonprofit environmental organization of their choice "LET'S HELP THE EARTH PTHE CULTURE AT GOOGLE team spirit extends to ideas flat management Google structure - no vast hierarchy FLAT AS A PANCAKE GOO000 GOOGLEI' "Be Googley" - What it means to employees: offices have fun themes to keep life interesting the google-o-meter gauges popularity of employee suggestions -Possibilities -Be excellent to each other -Be outrageously clever -Make stuff happen "MY OFFICE IS AN EGG' GOOGLY GREAT COOL THINGS ABOUT WORKING AT GOOGLE google bikes throughout the complex a doctor regularly visits so googlers don't have to leave for check-ups doctor on campus "YOU MAKE MY HEART BEAT Ride from building to building. None are locked; employees simply known for its "20% " time employees can spend one day/week on whatever interests them I LIKE TO WEAVE BASKETS take them when they need them. uses goats to eat brush reduces fire hazard in fields near their California headquarters "YUMMY eat like rockstars their first company chef was Charlie Ayers, caterer for the Grateful Dead "BON APPETIT" HUMAN RESOURCES MBANET Sources: 80%99s-eight-beliefs-that-create-a-culture-of-passion/ DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING

Corporate Culture Mindset

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 06
This infographic takes a look at the corporate culture of some very popular companies.


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