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The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing

THE CONTENTIOUS STATE OF NNNND B•2-•B CONTENT MARKETING Efficacious Content > ARE YOUR CONTENT MARKETING EFFORTS EFFECTIVE? HERE IS HOW BUSINESSES RATED THEIRS: On a scale of 1 to 5 how effective is your organization's use of content marketing? (1 being "not at all effective" and 5 being "very effective") Very effective 6% 30% 3. 45% 15% Not at all 2% effective No response 2% 50% 100% SO WHY DO ONLY 36% OF COMPANIES (36% BELIEVE THEIR CONTENT MARKETING IS EFFECTIVE? (Defined as 4 and 5 on the scale.) Baby Budgets > LACK OF CONTENT MARKETING BUDGET IS ONE REASON WHY EFFORTS MAY NOT BE AS EFFECTIVE. As you can see, smaller companies generally allocate more budget to content marketing than larger companies. Company Size by # of Employees Percentage of Marketing Budget Spent on B2B Content Marketing MICRO Fewer than 10 42% SMALL 10-99 31% MID-SIZE 22% 100-999 LARGE 24% 1000+ 2012 OVERALL 33% 2011 OVERALL 26% 0% 50% 100% Companies that plan to increase or decrease their HOWEVER, COMPANIES INCREASED THEIR BUDGETS SUBSTANTIALLY SINCE LAST YEAR, AND MANY PLAN TO DO SO budgets over the next year: OVER THE NEXT YEAR. 9% 45% 34% 2% 10% Selective Social Presence > THIS YEAR, FAR MORE COMPANIES ARE USING SOCIAL SITES TO DISTRIBUTE THEIR CONTENT THAN LAST YEAR. 2011 2012 87% 74% B2B MARKETERS, ON AVERAGE, USE ONLY 5 SOCIAL SITES TO DISTRIBUTE CONTENT. COMPANIES LOVE TO UTILIZE THE BIG NAME SOCIAL SITES, g+ You Tube in BUT MANY GREAT CHANNELS HAVE YET TO BE ADOPTED. > PERCENTAGE OF B2B MARKETERS WHO USE THE FOLLOWING SOCIAL SITES TO DISTRIBUTE CONTENT: in Linkedin 1 83% Twitter 1 80% Facebook 1 80% YouTube 1 61% 8* Google+ 1 39% Pinterest 1 26% SlideShare 1 23% Vimeo 1 12% Flickr 1 10% Su StumbleUpon 1 10% Foursquare 8% Instagram 1 7% Tumblr 1 7% Quora 1 6% 0% 50% 100% Content Challenges > COMPANIES ARE UP AGAINST ALL KINDS OF CHALLENGES WHEN IT COMES TO CONTENT MARKETING. WE RANK THEM FOR YOU. 100% 64% 52% 45% 39% 33% 26% 25% 22% 14% 50% (S Finding Producing Enough Producing Engaging Producing a Variety of Lack of Inability to Lack of Lack of Lack of Budget Knowledge, Effectiveness Training, & Measure Integrations Across Buy-In Trained Content Content Content Content Resources Marketing Marketing Professionals Sou CONTENT MARKETING Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs: Created by MarketingProfs cm FIVE Marketo COLUMN B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, INSTITUTE and Trends-North America Significantly Increase Increase Remain the same Decrease Unsure

The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing

shared by Marketo on Dec 11
Our friends over at MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute recently released The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America. It’s a fascinating report revealing insights into how B2...


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