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Content Value vs Resource

Balancing your content 57% The critical role content plays in a company's overall marketing strategy is clear. Yet over 57%* of marketers quote lack of time as their greatest barrier to content triumphs. So when push comes to shove, how should we be balancing our resources to get the most from our content strategy? Quote lack of time as their greatest barrier to content triumphs diet Value vs Resource Quantity The content stratosphere is a Crowded place. A huge strain on resource to produce content on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis is, in most instances, unwarranted Quality beats quantity, hands down. Keywonds Acting as a flag, keywords confirm to search engines the relevance of information on your site. An important requirement, but a couple of servings is adequate. Testing & tuacking You've produced what you consider an interesting and shareable piece of content Monitoring will tell you whether anyone agrees and is vital to setting a strategy that works for your business. Convension stnategy Whether it's a now lead or turning a visit into a booking, content must contribute to your business objectives. Engagement & social Great content is a social butterfly. People love to talk to it and about it, and they'll often introduce it to their friends Social signals can indicate two things 1) your content is useful or entertaining, and 2) your content is credible. Don't rely on consumers coming to you - promotion is crucial Unique & nelevant pnoduction The core of any content strategy is simple: create high quality content that is unique and that appeals to your audience. In Google's own words "create a useful, information-rich site". Remove search engines from the situation and the solution remains the same. Site anchitectune Your website is the container in which your content sits. Without a structurally sound foundation your content's visibility and accessibility could be ruined THE DEADLY POISONS OF CONTENT STRATEGY Inaccessibility PlagiarismmaiIDippl¶ Page/keyword cannibalisation It may fill you up in the interim, but the after effects will come back to haunt you. When a site's pages effectively 'eat' each other. Confusing for Google, nauseating for your rankings. Cross your fingers and Approach 1 hope users stumble across your content. Duplicate content, Duplicate content, Duplicate content You were full after one, there's no need for a second or third. Implement intuitive navigation, user-friendly aesthetics, appropriately Approach 2 labelled links and more Oven-optimisation to ensure your content is found and appreciated. Poor quality No one wants to digest content littered with grammar and spelling mistakes. Least of all Google. Google's Penguin update in 2012 shifted focus from writing for engines, to writing for users. 5 billion gigabytes. In 2014, Facebook users 18,000 HOURS 27 MILLION shared nearly 2.5 million pieces of content every of content were created between the birth of the world and 2003. In 2013, 5 billion GB of contet were created each day. OF VIDEO ARE UPLOADED PIECES OF CONTENT TO YOUTUBE EVERY HOUR. ARE SHARED EACH DAY minute Source: http://www.slideshare net/NewsCred/50-best-stats-presentatian / AOL & Nielsen (2012) http://aci info/20o14/07/12/the-data-explosion-in-2014-minute-by-minute-infographic/ add mustard @add_mustard in addmustard

Content Value vs Resource

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It’s been almost a decade since Bill Gates’ illustrious quote ‘Content is King’ reverberated around the digital world, and yet the words still resonate today. ​​ With over 57% of marketer...






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