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Content Marketing vs Traditional Advertising

Marketo IS CONTENT MARKETING TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING'S NEW RIVAL? .COLUMNSEIVE Content Marketing is a force to be reckoned with. As companies seek to expand their reach online, budgets for Content Marketing are growing and new tactics and promotion strategies are being explored. Here we dive into the ins-and-outs of Content Marketing, how companies are currently using it, and the budgets that are being allocated to this massive new platform. WHY SHOULD COMPANIES USE CONTENT MARKETING? RISK MITIGATION LEAD GENERATION LEAD NURTURING LEAD SCORING It's based on how a prospect Content marketing develops trust by providing the buyer with information that will help them make the right decision, thus reducing organizational and personal risk. Content drives traffic as As a lead develops, strong well as captures leads through forms. content will educate and interacts with the content and inform, developing a robust lead nurturing program. through nurturing campaigns. HOW ARE COMPANIES USING IT? THE MOST POPULAR CONTENT MARKETING TACTICS USED BY BUSINESSES TODAY SOCIAL MEDIA ARTICLE POSTING IN-PERSON EVENTS ENEWSLETTERS CASE STUDIES BLOGS 78% 62% 61% 55% 51% (EXCLUDING BLOGS) 79% 00 WHITE PAPERS WEBINARS/WEBCASTS PRINT MAGAZINES VIDEOS PROMOTING CONTENT IN MICROSITES PRINT NEWSLETTERS 43% 42% 42% 41% TRADITIONAL MEDIA 30% 25% 31% RESEARCH REPORTS DATA-DRIVEN CONTENT PODCASTS DIGITAL MAGAZINES MOBILE VIRTUAL CONFERENCES EBOOKS 23% MARKETING 16% 15% 11% 11% 9% 21% COMPANIES WITH OVER 1,000 EMPLOYEES USE AN AVERAGE OF 9 CONTENT MARKETING TACTICS. COMPANIES WITH LESS THAN 10 EMPLOYEES SEE AN AVERAGE OF 6 CONTENT MARKETING TACTICS. PERCENTAGE OF MARKETERS You WHO USE THE FOLLOWING OTHER SITES TO DISTRIBUTE in Tube THEIR CONTENT 55% 54% 51% 38% 8% BIGGEST CHALLENGES FACING CONTENT 36% PRODUCING ENGAGING CONTENT 21% PRODUCING ENOUGH CONTENT MARKETERS TODAY 20% BUDGET TO PRODUCE CONTENT 11% LACK OF C-LEVEL BUY-IN 9% PRODUCING A VARIETY OF CONTENT 51% OF B2B MARKETERS PLAN TO INCREASE SPEND IN ARE BUDGETS GROWING? CONTENT MARKETING OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS. CONTENT MARKETING IN-HOUSE VS. OUTSOURCE SPENDING OVER THE 51% 45% NEXT 12 MONTHS IN-HOUSE ONLY 45% 52% 2% ВОТН 12 MONTHS N/A 2% OUTSOURCED ONLY B2B MARKETERS ALLOCATE APPROXIMATELY 26% OF THEIR TOTAL MARKETING BUDGETS TO CONTENT MARKETING CONTENT MARKETING While Content Marketing spend is significantly smaller than traditional advertising, it is not to be dismissed as inconsequential. One day Content Marketing may directly rival traditional advertising. SPENDING BY COMPANY SIZE % OF BUDGET CREATION DISTRIBUTION TOTAL AVERAGE 26% $78,600 $301,000 $379,600 1,000+ EMPLOYEES 21% $182,300 $875,000 $1,057,300 100-999 EMPLOYEES 22% $77,200 $258,000 $335,200 10-99 EMPLOYEES 25% $42,400 $100,000 $142,400 ******* 34% $22,700 $34,000 $56,700 FEWER THAN 10 EMPLOYEES SOURCES: WWW.MARKETO.COM AND THE 2010 B2B CONTENT MARKETING REPORT FROM JUNTA42| CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE AND MARKETINGPROFS Ш < 个 →

Content Marketing vs Traditional Advertising

shared by kcatoto on Mar 23
Content marketing has become a critical component of B2B marketing, but can people identify the most popular types of content, why they are used, and which content is working best? Check out this info...



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