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Content Marketing is King

CONTENT is KING Marketers everywhere are using content to build their brands. From articles, blogs, and videos to whitepapers and infographics, content marketing is leading the way for digital marketers hoping to drive brand awareness and customer engagement. IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTENT Content Marketing is the leading focus for marketers this year, ahead of SEO, email, and even social media. They're using content for lead generation, to build brand awareness, and to deepen customer relationships. BUDGETS ARE MOVING, TOO Marketers aren't just shifting their focus toward content - they're also moving their budgets. LEADING MARKETING FOCUS MARKETING BUDGET ALLOCATED Among Marketing Professionals Worldwide TO CONTENT CREATION According to Marketing Professionals in North America 18.9% 34.8% Content marketing 24.3% OF MARKETERS 48% DEVOTE AT LEAST 24.7% 75% Social media OF THEIR BUDGET 10% TO CONTENT CREATION $4 18.9% 14.6% SEO 50%-75% 25.6% 10.4% OF MARKETERS Email 19% 25%-50% ALLOCATE 3.2% 9.2% Mobile 25% OR MORE 6% 3.2% 10%-25% Pay per click Media buying 3.2% 3.2% 10% BUDGET 2012 vs 2013 MARKETERS 2% Content marketing is a long-term conversation with consumers. 5% 14% 27% 66 - Eduardo Conrado, SVP, Marketing, Motorola Solutions 35% WINNING TACTICS: VIDEO & INFOGRAPHICS LEAD THE REVOLUTION As brands become publishers, they're creating everything from articles, whitepapers, and slideshows to sponsored posts, tweets, and ebooks. But of all the content marketing tactics they're using, two in particular are gaining notable traction: Video and Infographics. Why? Because they work. GROWTH IN CONTENT MARKETING TACTICS of marketers use original brand videos 60% to help tell their stories Used by B2B Marketers Infographics & Data Visualizations are 30X more likely to be shared 2012 GROWTH 2013 over text content *McKinsey, May 2011 Social Media 6 87% 87% TOP BENEFITS OF INCLUDING VIDEO +2 78% 80% IN EMAIL MARKETING Email Newsletters M According to US Marketing Executives +2 Case studies 71% 73% clickthrough rates +3 Videos 70% 73% +3 duration subscribers read the email Whitepapers 61% 64% VIDEO INCREASES +13 sharing and forwarding of the email message Infographics Q 38% 51% conversion rates SO MUCH CONTENT, SO MANY CHANNELS CONTENT MARKETING DRIVES RESULTS With so much content being created, where does it all go? Marketers are exploring new channels to distribute their messages. From social media to microsites to channel partners like Visually, marketers want to make sure their For both B2B and B2C marketers, content marketing tactics are an effective means to an end-they drive consideration, sales, engagement, and loyalty. content gets seen. IMPORTANT CHANNELS MOST EFFECTIVE CONTENT FOR CONTENT MARKETING MARKETING TACTICS According to Marketing Professionals in North America According to B2B SMB Content Marketers ICOMPANY WEBSITE According to B2C Content Marketers |EMAIL CAMPAIGNS |PUBLIC RELATIONS SOCIAL MEDIA SEARCH (ORGANIC) ICOMPANY BLOG In-person In-person events 64% events 62% SEARCH (PAID) E-newsletters M 62% i Case studies I ONLINE ADVERTISING MICROSITES CHANNEL PARTNERS O Blogs Videos -61% OFFLINE ADVERTISING Research reports THIRD-PARTY SPONSORSHIPS Blogs a Social media Videos We've had to shift our mentality to an always- on content connection with our customers. 66 - Rishi Dave, B2B Social Media Director, Dell PARTNERING FOR CONTENT SUCCESS Creating great content isn't easy. As brands develop their content marketing strategies, many are turning to partners for help in the form of graphic designers, copywriters, and data journalists. \ of 65,000 designers & visual storytellers who is a community / HELP BRANDS TELL COMPELLING VISUAL STORIES A big challenge for marketers looking to create content-and lots of it-is that they almost certainly don't have any in-house expertise. They don't know how to think like content creators... The answer was to bring in outside help. 66 - eMarketer, August 2013. Unless otherwise noted, all data provided by eMarketer

Content Marketing is King

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Marketers everywhere are using content to build their brands. Articles, blogs, videos, whitepapers, infographics, and images—content marketing is leading the way for digital marketers hoping to driv...




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