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Construction Digitalisation: How to Do More with the People You Have

www.EQUE2.CO.UK EQUE2 CONSTRUCTION DIGITALISATION HOW TO D O MORE VWITH THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE The construction industry is facing a critical skills shortage - but digital construction processes offer opportunities to maximise the potential of your existing workforce and stave off crisis. BRITAIN HAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM. Skilled workers. Or a lack of them in key critical areas: + ENGINEERS ACCOUNTANTS DOCTORS IT PROFESSIONALS NURSES... ..and construction workers. And that's bad news for construction companies. Especially in a sector that is predicted to grow by: 23% 23% by the end of 2018. 2018. wnio boning workars within the next 400,000 10 While losing: years due to retirement. To deal with this threat, construction companies need solutions now. And one of the most effective? How? TO ULTILISE THE EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORS YOU ALREADY HAVE. VIA 'DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION' PROCESSES. Using construction-specific software, companies will gain a host of productivity boosting benefits. BENEFITS OF DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION COMPARIS ONS 1. BOOSTING COLLABORATION ACROSS F UNCTIONS NON-DIGITAL PROCESS DIGITAL PROCESS Often, a 'parent' task must be completed before an associated task is able to begin. Non-digital processes can mean delays as the development and completion of tasks take time to be Inputting data into a central software system improves the visibility of activities across the business – for instance, as soon as a 'parent' task is completed, work on the associated 'child' tasks can begin without unnecessary delay. Vs communicated between functions. 86% of employees and execs cite a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for failure in the workplace. 2. ENHANCING RESOURCE PLANNING NON-DIGITAL PROCESS DIGITAL PROCESS Employees do not have the tools or equipment required to complete the job at the right time and location, leading to delays – for example, specialist machinery may need to be brought in order to complete a job. Having visibility of real-time data allows resources to be planned and ordered as and when they are needed. Cost savings will be made by maximising the productivity of on-site workers and ensuring machinery is only hired for the period it is needed – instead of lying idle on the construction site. VS 35% Companies with more effective data management experience 35% GROWTH 3. CREATING OPEN COMMUNICATIONS NON-DIGITAL PROCESS DIGITAL PROCESS The workforce operates in 'silos', cut off from the larger picture around them. This can lead to disconnect and a lack of clear communications VS Digital construction software enables the wider workforce to see the progress of the 'bigger picture', not just the tasks they are working on. This leads to greater levels of communication and engagement from employees who understand how their role fits into this bigger picture. which risks costly project mistakes being made. 1 IN 3 projects fail due to a lack of clear communications. TAKEAWAYS I Defy the UK construction sector skills crisis by deploying digital construction processes. I Boost collaboration across your company by inputting all critical data into a single optimised database. · Exploit the benefits of real time data to boost productivity and drive down unnecessary costs. I Bust down the silos that exist between different departments to promote communication and increase employee engagement. www.EG JE2.cO.UK Discover more about boosting construction site efficiency with Eque2's free eGuide: EQUE2 IMPROVE YOUR TEAM'S ON-SITE PRODUCTIVITY WITH CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY IMPROVE YOUR TEAM'S ON-SITE PRODUCTIVITY WITH CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY The construction sector is facing a very real skills shortagu, which looks sat to last for the next five years, but can deplaying technology ta help tackle the issue head-on. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EGUIDE NOW ו. ן.

Construction Digitalisation: How to Do More with the People You Have

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Discover how digital construction processes can remove the roadblocks to communication and effective data management both on-site and in the office.




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