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Company Birthdays and Marketing Efforts

3 TRUTHS ABOUT COMPANY BIRTHDAYS AND MARKETING EFFORTS #1 PEOPLE KNOW YOU'RE TRYING TO SELL 000000000000 In 2016 everything the user sees or interacts with has a brand, or an ad, attached to it. As you try to play the "We are giving our product with a discount because it is our birthday" card, many people are really sceptic. #2 DO NOT BREAK YOUR CLIENTS TRUST "It is true that you can increase your revenue and achieve short term success with your marketing efforts, riding the "It's our Birthday!" horse." Il Many marketeers try to score big on their Birthday, forgetting about the long term effect of their short term marketing efforts. Questions like "How will this promotion affect my long-term marketing goals?" and "Will our clients' experience towards other promotional cam- paigns we run change?" are often left unanswered, so long as the Birthday campaign is successful. #3 CELEBRATE YOUR COMPANY'S BIRTHDAY. "Celebrate Your Company's Birthday as If It Is Your Own!" Ask yourselves, what your company is all about. How do you connect with your custom- ers and what do they see in your product more than the competition. How can you create human-to-human marketing campaign and make your clients give you the gift of their trust and wallets. DO YOU TRY TO SELL SOMETHING TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY? Most people don't. YOU INVITE YOUR LOVED ONES TO SHARE YOUR MOST PERSONAL DAY, CELEBRATING YOUR PAST ACHIEVE MENTS. At the end of the celebration you pay the check and they give you birthday gifts. Applying the same approach to your marketing efforts will bring yoú Tong term benefits. Source: HTTPS://FAIR-POINT.COM/BLOG/HOW-TO-CELEBRATE-YOUR-COMPANY-S-BIRTHDAY-AS-A-MARKETER/I

Company Birthdays and Marketing Efforts

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Promotion is the first thing which comes to the marketer's mind when it comes down to their company's birthday. To seize an opportunity as big as a this is on the agenda of many marketers. However, it...


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