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Companies Apple has sued over time

Companies Apple has sued over time

This info-graphic is about the Apple lawsuits against different companies.

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</div> 8 COMPANIES APPLE HAS SUED OVER TIME 1982 1988 1995 02MAR10 OCT10 MAR11 15APR11 Frank Computer Microsoft Microsoft PhTC AA SAMSUNG San psystar intel) Fransisco Canyon MOTOROLA Co. Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue In 1982, Apple filed a lawsuit against Franklin Computer Corp., alleging that Franklin's Apple has sued Psystar, the company that for months has been selling the Open After the introduction of Apple filed a lawsuit against In March Apple filed a lawsuit Apple added Microsoft and Intel to an existing lawsuit against the San Francisco Apple sued Motorola's Android Apple is hitting Samsung with a Windows 2.0, Apple filed a HTC for infringing on 20 Apple phones claiming that they against Amazon, alleging the patent infringement lawsuit, alleging that the Galaxy smartphones lawsuit against Microsoft and patents related to the iPhone's infringed on a number of Apple internet giant had violated ACE 100 Hewlett-Packard Canyon Company, Computer, a Mac patents, mostly covering Apple's trademark user personal computer used illegal clone. Psystar had been selling a desktop computer running Apple's Mac OS interface, underlying using the term "App Store" in its Android- based Amazon Appstore. alleging that Microsoft alleging that Microsoft and multi-touch technology. The and tablets by Samsung copies of the Apple soperating Windows and HP's NewWave Intel knowingly used the architecture and hardware. filing last week adds 12 more infringe on Apple's patents system and ROM. violated Apple's copyrights in software company to aid them patents to the mix, including relating to the iPhone and the the Macintosh in stealing nine phone patents and three patents that cover set-top box iPad user interface. several thousand lines of Apple's QuickTime code in an and DVR technology. effort to improve the These patents will probably performance of Video also get added to Apple's for Windows. complaint before the International Trade Commission. U.S. DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN CALIFORNIA U.S. DISTRICT COURT AND THE INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMMISSION W. DISTRICT OF WISCONSIN, THE S. DISTRICT OF FLORIDA AND ITC FEDERAL COURT IN QAKLAND. CALIFORNIA U.S. DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN CALIFORNIA EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA U.S. SUPREME COURT FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT, SANJOSE CALIFORNIA Current Status Decided in Franklin's favor but Current Status Current Status Current Status Current Status Current Status Current Status Current Status This lawsuit was ultimately settled in 1997, along with all lingering Apple Inc. and Mac clone maker Psystar Corp. agreed Monday to settle a 17-month lawsuit that will Patents is willful and deliberate, Apple Inc. filed a patent infringement suit against HTC on 2 March 2010 at the U.S. District Samsung counter-sued Apple on April 22, 2011, filing federal. After several years in court, Reuters reported that in the case reversed by the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Apple v. Apple's claims against Microsoft and therefore, that Motorola Microsoft is opposing Apple's complaints in courts in Seoul, Tokyo and Mannheim, Germany, were dismissed, primarily due to a issues from the "Look & Feel" Mobility is entitled to treble attempted registration of the effectively stop Psystar from pre-installing Apple's Mac OS X on the Intel-based computers Psystar Franklin established the damages as provided by 35 U.S.C. 5 284; Case: (e) Judgment be license John Sculley had lawsuit. Apple agreed to make Court for the District of Delaware, phrase fundamental basis of copyright of negotiated with Bill Gates for and also filed a complaint against Intemet Explorer the default browser over Netscape, and as a trademark, and that part of alleging Apple infringed Samsung's computer software, even if it was patents related to mobile- communications technologies. Windows 1.0. The decision was sells. HTC under Section 337 of the entered that Apple's infringement the matter is currently before the provided only as object code or in upheld on appeal in 1994, but legal disputes on this topic were Microsoft Tariff Act of 1930 (as amended) at of the Asserted Patents is willful Trademark Trial and Appeal. fimware.. agreed to continue developing Office and other software for the It may not prevent the small Doral, Fla.-based computer maker United States International Trade and deliberate, and, therefore, Board. still ongoing until 1997, when the Commission, Washington, D.C. The that this is an exceptional case The case is now in U.S. District from selling Mac clones, however. Instead, Psystar laid out an argument that would shift responsibility for installing Apple's operating system onto its customers. Mac for the next 5 years, and purchase US$150 million of non-voting Apple stock. two suit involves 20 alleged patent entitling Motorola Mobility to an Court, Northem District of California is Apple Inc. v. Samsung infringements relating to the iPhone's user interface, underlying companies came to a wide-ranging award of its attomeys' fees for bringing and prosecuting this action, together with interest, and agreement that included Microsoft Electronics Co. Ltd. et al, buying 10% of Apple stocks. architecture and hardware. HTc 11-1846. has responded by counter-suing costs of the action, pursuant to 35 U.S.C. 5 285; and (f) Judgment be Settlement details were not available, although Psystar Apple for infringement of five of its patents in the iPod, iPhone and iPad, and has called for their sale entered awarding Motorola Mobility such other and further relief as this Court may deem just indicated in a motion submitted to be banned. The case is still Monday that additional information would be filed today in federal court in San Francisco pending with the court. and proper. with Judge William Alsup.

Companies Apple has sued over time

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This info-graphic is about the Apple lawsuits against different companies.


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