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Community Engagement Infographic for Associations and Non-Profits

From Hello to Association Advocates Trusted Long Trusted Advisor Term Supplier Potential Short Term Developing Supplier Supplier Supplier & Partner 2. 3. 4. 5. Exploration Development Commitment Stage Unity Stage Attraction Stage Stage Stage Watching Testing Bonding Trusting Entrusting Your Role at this stage Leadership focused Totally immersed in the community Focused attention Proves long term Proves abilities and Utilizes team intentions and abilities keeps promises support/team servicing Professional Product knowledge Develops and shows deeper understanding Gets closer to the Knows client expert Member Anticipates clients strategies of member and member needs future needs Asks questions Big growth in knowledge of client Anticipates and seeks complete solutions Listens Adds real value Keeps commitments Tries to "be seen" Focused Expands use of benefits and events Your values and Prompt attention to problems Honest on results Association values Credible are aligned Using tools and processes for increased History of success Under promises - over delivers You are seen as a community leader and change agent Good Follow-up Lots of referrals Frequent Contact engagement and order taking Member's Behavior at this stage Priority – maintain lifestyle Shows interest Tests you and the Association for the Long Term commitment Personal relationships grow First impressions are important future Seeks strategic Bought into the vision Increases purchases and level of Wants more Commitment is still low business advice information and short term and involvement Sees you and others at the Association as a engagement Assesses your character Shares more information Open and Honest Sees Results and is More open Assesses your knowledge Is an advocate for success through resource Sees who you are more clearly engagement at the association Trusts and Values Wants to see what is Connects with other You unique or different Future direction of the members and feels Is it worth some time part of the community relationship is Shares their Tells people about and money? you and the organization determined success and enthusiasm. Relationship Development Accelerators OBecome a master at Breaking the Ice (Hello – CCIC – unique approaches) OFocus on being highly approachable 1 OMake a list of what is expected of you then decide how exceed those expectations you will OFind a way to immediately contribute to their success OManage expectations and develop a high level of transparency Ostart them right; in-person OGet good at asking probing questions OBe a master at rapport building 2 DEnsure that they connect with key resource people OLook for opportunities to suggest solutions and options for member business and personal growth OHave a short list of specific members to focus on and assist OGet good at identifying opportunities for members to 3 expand use, and think of tailored ways for the member to produce better results – think "immediate value add." OShow the member how to identify and measure results OBe seen as a resource, and educate members about your knowledge and skills OHave processes and tools to elicit referrals, and generate 4 long-term commitment to programs OHelp members develop the passion for promoting a personal and business success through the association OLook to answer un-expressed member and community needs 5 OKeep attitude, appearance, language, and thoughts congruent with the vision Olnspire member advocates by “being" © 1997 – 2011 KBI Ltd. – Bill Gibson & Shane Gibson

Community Engagement Infographic for Associations and Non-Profits

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
Today as associations, non-profits and any other member based organizations we need harness the power of community to grow our member base. This infographic is a work in progress but I wanted to post ...


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