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Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

COMMON CAUSES OF FIRE IN THE WORKPLACE 22,200 FIRES Were reported in non-dwelling buildings for 2013-2014 R.I.P 75% 3,700 17 during this period were cases were recorded fatalities occurred as a accidental fires where alarms failed to result of fires which sound started in buildings other than dwellings WORKPLACES MOST AT RISK 3,000 2,500 2,200 fires in fires in industrial fires in restaurants, retail distribution premises cafes, pubs, wine bars and takeaways COMMON CAUSE ELECTRICAL FAULTS 25% HOW? of accidental fires were caused by Overloaded circuits, shoddy faulty appliances and leads workmanship or a lack of maintenance could be to blame HOW CAN IT BE PREVENTED? It's important to have a professional regularly check your electrical set up, with automatic fire suppression systems in place where electrical fires are likely to occur COMMON CAUSE MISUSE OF EQUIPMENT 2,000 FÍRES RESULTED FROM A MISUSE OF EQUIPMENT Gward HOW CAN IT BE PREVENTED? Training your staff properly is the first step to take if you fear such accidents, but also ensure risk assessments are carried out regularly, with the requisite safety equipment on hand at all times COMMON CAUSE SMOKING OVER 1/3 OF DEATHS HOW? in non-domestic buildings were due Flammable materials, hazardous to smokers materials, including environments and cigarettes not put lighters during the out properly were the common 2013 - 2014 period causes Grieet HOW CAN IT BE PREVENTED? Designated smoking areas and the education of staff on the dangers of smoking in a hazardous environment can help to prevent such accidents COMMON CAUSE ARSON 4,950 DELIBERATE FIRES IN NON-DWELLING PREMISES DURING THE 2013 - 2014 PERIOD Arson is a crime which people choose to commit, but ease of access to combustible materials often helps them carry out their crime Gireward HOW CAN IT BE PREVENTED? Keeping flammables locked away is one aspect of keeping your site safe, the other involves maintaining adequate building security at all times Fire costs lives as well as money, no matter what business or industry you operate in. To stop fires before they start, at Fireward we provide automatic suppression systems, keeping your staff, premises and machinery safe. Fireward Automatic Fire Suppression References _Version_pdf

Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

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Workplace fires put lives at risk and deal huge amounts of damage to premises and assets. This infographic identifies some of the most common causes of workplace fires and considers statistics for non...




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