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Commercial Drones — Future Prospects

Future Prospects of Commercial Drones 17% by 2022 North America will dominate the demand. Commercial Drone Types The biggest seller in the commercial drone market Rotary Blade Nano Hybrid Fixed Wing Technologies that this market can be grouped by Energy & Propulsion Systems Automation Collision Avoidance Cyber Security Jamming & Safety Key Suppliers di R senseFly :Trimble. a Parrot company DJI 3D Robotics SenseFly Ltd. (Parrot) Trimble UASD AeroVironment Global Commercial Drone Market Forecast The market is expected to expand at a 16.9% CAGR, touching 2.1 billion USD by 2022. 2.1 2022 1.8 2021 1.5, /2020 1.3 2019 1.1/2018 0.9 2017 0.8 2016 0./2015 Figures in USD Bn. Industries Using Drones Law Enforcement Agriculture Forestry Fisheries Manufacturing Infrastructure Countries with highest demand for drones Russia OUK 00 Germany France North America (highest demand) Drivers & Challenges Growth Drivers Key Challenges Rising Demand for Quality Data Security Concerns Growing demand for high-precision data for surveillance and remote sensing is expected to drive Lack of a regulated traffic management system that manages drones remains a key challenge. the commercial drone market in the near future. Enhanced Technology Privacy Issues A regulatory framework to alleviate Advances in technology have led to the development of enhanced hardware and software solutions, while also dropping the average unit price. privacy issues aren't clearly defined yet. This is a crucial loophole that could be exploited by drone pilots to collect confidential and sensitive data (such as Improving Data Processing Capabilities Factors such as robust data networks, cloud secure sites) while capturing images and video. computing, and automation technologies can allow data collected from drones to be processed quickly to provide quality and nearly instantaneous actionable information. 9: ARANCA VIEW Commercial drones are expected to find significant acceptance, particularly in law enforcement and surveillance. Furthermore, advancing technology, declining prices, and an improving regulatory framework would propel its growth. North America would be the largest market for drones followed by Europe. Growing investment and technological advancements in emerging markets will also create new opportunities for the commercial drone market. Haranca Compiled by: Sudist Kumar br Va p © 2017 Aranca. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to reproduce or use this infographic in any format, INVESTMENT RESEARCH BUSINESS FIXED INCOME VALUATION TECHNOLOGY PROCUREMENT RESEARCH RESEARCH ADVISORY INTELLIGENCE & SUPPLY CHAIN & ADVISORY please email us at & ANALYTICS & ANALYTICS & IP RESEARCH INTELLIGENCE

Commercial Drones — Future Prospects

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A growing demand for high-quality data coupled with technological advancements will drive the commercial drone market, which could be worth 2.1 billion USD by 2022. Explore our work in the Aerospace ...


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