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Come In, We're Secure

Come in WE'RE SECURE A LOOK AT SMALL BUSINESS SECURITY Threats, Concerns, Actions & Solutions THREATS Small businesses are increasingly hot targets for cyber attacks. 31% MORE of SMBS of cyber attacks in 2012 were aimed at small businesses,* compared to 18% the year prior. *with 250 employees or fewer THAN experienced a data breach HALF in 2012. Small businesses store a lot of sensitive data that isn't always protected. Medical History o1i01 Credit/Debit Card Numbers o1101011o 13% 23% Bank Account Numbers o11010110 24% Insurance Info o110101101011 Spouse & Dependent Info o1101011010110 Social Security Numbers (SSN) 011010110101100101101 33% 36% 55% Dates of Birth o11010110101100101101011 60% Billing Addresses o11010110101100101101011 60% Home Addresses o11010110101100101101011001 70% Phone Numbers o1101011010110010110101100111011 80% Email Addresses o1101011010110010110101100111011 80% CONCERNS The top 3 security concerns for small businesses? Undetected malware, phishing attacks and targeted cyber attacks. AK 4)K 4K Phishing attacks concern 1 in 3 small businesses. Undetected malware concerns nearly 3 in 5 small businesses. Targeted cyber attacks concern 1 in 4 small businesses. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security is not a top concern for small businesses, but should be. Only 7% are concerned with BYOD even though nearly 8 in 10 businesses have experienced a mobile security incident within the past year. ACTIONS Many small businesses are not taking enough action to protect against security risks. ONLY ONLY ONLY 15% 12% 15% are running employee education programs. have breach preparedness plans. are increasing budget for security. 31% are not taking any active O security threats. The top 2 reasons why small business are not focusing on cyber security? Comfort and budget. 4 IN 10 ATES O NEARLY A QUARTER UDERTY LIBEATY QUARTER DO QUARTEA DOLLAR ATES A ATY QUARTEA LIDERTY QUARTIA DOLLAN say they are comfortable with their current security measures. AR д DOLL say they don't have the budget. SOLUTIONS Regularly check your business' credit report. If breached, communicate through clearly authorized channels. Use reputable third party vendors. Shred sensitive documents and wipe old storage devices. Create a response plan in case of a breach. Create a Encrypt all If breached, be transparent valuable data. and provide details. formal BYOD policy. Run virus and malware checks on devices. Require that employees use VPN services. Explore new security technologies. Keep all device software up-to-date. Sources CSID Symantec, Internet Security Report (2013) Ponemon Institute, Poll for HSB (2013) Check Point, The Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security (2013) CSID, Survey of Small Business Owners: Risk Mitigation for Small Businesses (2013) More than half store SSNS! UNITED UNITED UNITED UNITED

Come In, We're Secure

shared by JessicaWarren on Oct 10
A look at small business security - threats, concerns, actions and solutions - as well as tips for small businesses to protect themselves and their customers from data breach and other security threats.




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