College Consumers And Brand Loyalty

COLLEGE CONSUMERS BRAND-LOYAL MILLENNIALS While college students don't have a lot of money, they are definitely still spending. Now is the time to build brand loyalty. THERE ARE 21.6 MILLION COLLEGE STUDENTS IN THE U.S. 58% | Female 42% | Male 2-YEAR INSTITUTIONS 4-YEAR INSTITUTIONS 7.3 MILLION STUDENTS 13.7 MILLION STUDENTS BY AGE 2 Million Million 5.2. Million 3.6 ,Million 12.6 14-11 18-24 25-34 35+ THAT'S AN INCREASE OF 5.7 UNDERGRADUATE POSTBACCALAUREATE MILLION 18 MILLION 3 MILLION COLLEGE STUDENTS SINCE THE 2000 SCHOOLYEAR PROJECTIONS FOR 2014 STUDENT SPENDING $545 BILLION | IN TOTAL SPENDING TUITION ROOM & BOARD RENT CLASS MATERIALS DISCRETIONARY SPENDING $163 BILLI ON IN DISCRETIONARY SPENDING FOOD AUTOMOTIVE CLOTHING TECHNOLOGY $7.5 BILLION AND SHOES $50 BILLION $32 BILLION $19 BILLION $15 BILLION CELL PHONE ENTERTAINMENT PERSONAL CARE COSMETICS OTHER PRODUCTS ADMIT ONE $14 BILLION $8 BILLION $10 BILLION $7.5 BILLION $7.5 BILLION THAT'S AROUND $7.5 BILLION IN “EXTRA CURRICULAR" SPENDING PER STUDENT HOW DO COLLEGE STUDENTS SPEND THEIR MONEY? NOT-SO-BROKE COLLEGE STUDENTS THE AVERAGE COLLEGE STUDENT ANNUALLY ARE GETTING MONEY FROM: SPENDS TWICE AS MUCH ON ALCOHOL AS THEY DO ON BOOKS 45% | PARENTS 40% | JOBS 15% | STUDENT LOANS The average college student spends $900 a year on alcohol and $450 a year on books Students spent an overall average of $71 per month on fast food Average student spends $100/MONTH on coffee MULTI-TASKING MILLENNIALS THERE ARE 168 HOURS AT A FULL 8 HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT THAT'S STILL 112 HOURS AWAKE. IN ONE WEEK College students spend a total of 125.4 hours/week with their An average of 15-20 hours are spent in class 64% of students report using their laptops during class electronic devices 43% used laptops to "surf" the web BREAKING DOWN THE AVERAGE HOURS COMPUTER CELL PHONE TV VIDEO HANDHELD TABLET E-READER GAMES GAMING 38.1 29.3 23.3 12.8 9.8 6.4 5.7 NEW LIFE DECISIONS, NEW EXPERIENCES, NEW CHOICES Students find these types of ads most appealing UPCOMING MOVIES HEALTH FASHION VIDEO TECH & BEAUTY GAMES PRODUCTS WOMEN 2$ VIDEO GAMES UPCOMING TECH NEW PRODUCTS CARS MOVIES PRODUCTS AND SERVICES & TRUCKS MEN In our fast-paced world, these influencers catch the attention of trend-setting college students the most RECOMMENDATIONS/ ONLINE/MOBILE HANDS ON WORD-OF-MOUTH FROM FRIENDS COUPONS EXPERIENCE IN STORES YOUTH BRAND OBSESSION LEADS TO BRAND ALLEGIANCE according to the pew 78% of teenagers 47% of these Teenagers are being immersed in digital marketing at an early age now have cell phones are smartphones TODAY'S COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE TOMORROW'S CONSUMERS Targeting students while they are in college can lead to acquiring their brand allegiance once they have graduated and entered the workforce WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO CAPTIVATE AN AUDIENCE? Sources PRESENTED BY high_level review.pdf el toro INTERNET TARGETING COMPANY DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING success

College Consumers And Brand Loyalty

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College students don't spend a lot, but they do still spend. Learn how building brand loyalty can pay off from this infographic.


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