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Collaborative Communication: Why It Matters

HUB create thore engege COLLABORATIVE COMMUNICATION This infographic will show you how to facilitate team collaboration and the communication channels that will support it. Check out the blog post. 48% of organizations say their top collaboration 01 replacing hierachical organizational structures hurdle is ineffective communication (Source:B2C) 02 handling remote workers working flexible hours 03 coordinating freelancers, contractors and employees 04 increase productivity, creativity and agility 05 reach a common objective 06 boost employee engagement Collaborative Communication Skills So, what are the collaborative communication skills that team members need to bring to the table to be successful? Well, it's surprising how many organizations take it for granted that staff members instinctively know how to work together. Here are the TOP TEN SKILLS needed to support effective collaboration: 80% percent of the corporate work moved to a 1 The ability to get on with people remote work policy (Source:totemteam) 2 Being able to listen 3 Respect for the contribution of others 4 Being open-minded 5 A willingness to compromise 6 Able to see the big picture / Problem-solving abilites 8 Effective organizer and Project Manager 59m The number of freelancers 9 Able to give and receive constructive feedback in the US economy in 2020 (Source:statista) 10 Commitment and Enthusiasm Communication And Collaboration @ In The Workplace in Supporting Personal Connections One of the biggest barriers to effective communication is that team members simply don't know each other. If at all possible, get the group together informally. Breaking the ice in this way before participants are required to get on with the job helps the team to gel. It's also a good idea to have technological solutions in place. Video and conferencing apps are an obvious choice. Much of human communication takes place on the non-verbal level, so face-to-face interaction is still an essential aspect of successful collaboration. High definition audio software, as well as group chatting and messaging apps, are also essential items in the collaborative communication toolkit. Streamlined Working Processes File sharing tools are another essential item in the collaboration toolbox. Being able to quickly and easily share documents and files is essential to the smooth functioning of collaborative communication. Cloud intranetsfloffer ease of use and convenience and come with the added advantages of unlimited storage. ─îloud technology makes it easier to share files and documents both internally and externally. certainty, security assurance and Furthermore, team members can simultaneously work on the same document in real-time. Embedding the document directly in the intranet also means that contextual or background information can be displayed alongside. Available 24/7, the cloud intranet will support telecommuters as well as those working flexible hours. Project Management Tools Project management systems or task management software will be another important weapon in the collaborative arsenal. Whether it's used to assign specific project tasks and responsibilities, monitor completion of milestones and deadlines or to generally keep track of where things are at, project management software makes for a more efficient and effective process. From project initiation and planning through to execution, launch and control, an intranet will support operations with online processes offering central oversight. The ease of communication made possible by the intranet is one obvious advantage. With an intranet solution there's no need for additional software. And because employees are already using the platform in their day-to-day work an extensive program of staff training won't be required either. BOTTOM LINE There's no doubt that collaborative working is the future. And so, if your business is serious about promoting collaboration, then the starting pointmust be communications. MY HUB create share engage Flexible, adaptable and dynamic collaborative communication channels will ensure collaborative working is a success in your Why Collaborative Communication Matters

Collaborative Communication: Why It Matters

shared by myhub on Jan 14
In this infographic, we look in detail at how to facilitate effective team collaboration and the communication channels that will support it.


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