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Cloud security and why you should pay more attention to it

SHADOW IT: DATA PROTECTION AND CLOUD SECURITY What best describes your company's attitude toward cloud service? TIMEFRAME FOR IMPLEMENTING FIRST CLOUD PROJECT Already Deployed on first cloud project 42 six months 21 More than a year - 14 One year - 12 ASAP 11 05% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% PERCENTAGE OF IT SPENDING ON CLOUD SERVICES? Organizations are moving beyond curiosity about the cloud to actual deployment. Our survey results indicate that the cloud market will grow about 126.5 percent this year and that the majority of growth will be in two areas: 2014 1.SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE (SAAS) IS GROWING AT 199 PERCENT %126.5 2. INFRASTRUCTURE-AS-A-SERVICE (IAAS) IS GROWING AT 122 PERCENT Cloud Usage using the cloud to develop enterprise app? YES 79 NO 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% WHAT ARE THE TOP CHALLENGES HOLDING BACK CLOUD PROJECTS IN YOUR COMPANY? Security is the number-one concern for IT professionals as they continue their cloud journey, with 62 percent selecting it as the top concern. %62 Top customer concerns: 70 62 60 50 44 41 40 39 37 31 30 25 25 21 20 10 Security with public and private clouds Portability of Performance of apps in cloud Time to learn Cost Support Complexity Intergration with Technology stack support new cloud my apps across different clouds open-source framework related skills WHAT ARE THE TOP SECURITY ISSUES FACING YOUR COMPANY? 70 63 60 50 46 40 35 33 30 29 29 29 26 22 24 24 24 20 18 19 17 15 10 Security Privacy Compliance Lock it Network Complexity Cost Interoerability Reliability Bandwich Main StreamBuyers Leading-edge Buyers DO YOU KNOW THE NUMBER OF SHADOW IT APPS IN USE AT YOUR COMPANY? a staggering 81 percent of line-of-business em- ployees admitted to using unauthorized SaaS applications. When it came to consumer-grade file-sharing solutions in the enterprise, Dropbox was used, without IT department approval, in 38 percent of organizations responding to the survey. Worse, nearly one in four (24 percent) responding companies reported having experi- enced unauthorized access to one of those Dropbox accounts. HOW MANY REQUESTS DO YOU RECEIVE FROM BUSINESS USERS FOR NEW CLOUD SERVICES EACH MONTH? Cloud usage is clearly on the rise within most organizations, with only 14 percent indicating no cloud deployment. Over half of the survey respondents indicated that they had cloud instances in produc- tion, while a surprising 32 percent indi- cated significant use of the cloud for pro- duction applications. Note that this data only includes the cloud instances that IT knows about; it does not include the shadow IT cloud instances that business units or employ- ees solicit on their own. Public cloud machine instances in production 0- 14 1 to 10 - 30 11 to 50 23 51 to 100 - 18 100 to 1000 - 10 1000+ 05% 10% 15% 20% 25 % 30 % 35 % MOST FREQUENTLY REQUESTED CLOUD SERVICES BY BUSINESS USERS? Typically, the most commonly requested cloud services are related to increased web-presence communications (workforce productivity), file sync-and-share, and disaster recovery (DR). The second most requested cloud service is an application, hence the growth in Ap- plication-as-a-Service (AaaS). Most of these applications enhance productivity and in- clude CRM or sales-automation tools, messaging tools, and cloud-based email. 60 52 40 45 40 40 38 30 35 36 34 28 28 32 26 26 22 10 App development, prototyping Web Presence Comminucation Disaster Recovery IT services Transaction processing Data center consolidation Main StreamBuyers |Leading-edge Buyers Source: "Shadow IT: data protection and Cloud Security" by Gigaom Research, commissioned by CipherCloud. CipherCloud Trust in the Cloud" © 2014 Giga Omni Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This publication may be used only as expressly permitted by license from Gigaom and may not be accessed, used, copied, distributed, published, sold, publicly displayed, or otherwise exploited without the express prior written permission of Gigaom. For licensing information, please contact us. 21

Cloud security and why you should pay more attention to it

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Millions of companies from around the world today are using cloud services for their various needs. But as the popularity of these services continues to grow on a daily basis, so does the lack of prop...




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