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Closing the Gap Between Sales & Marketing Through Sales Enablement

CLOSING THE GAP BETWEEN SALES MARKETING THROUGH SALES ENABLEMENT Improving sales and marketing alignment is a high priority for world class organizations looking to remain competitive in today's fast-paced business environment. Learn about innovative sales practices and discover the many benefits organizations are seeing from an effective sales enablement program that helps sales teams sell more efficiently. WHY THE TRADITIONAL SALES PROCESS FAILS? Senior level executives across a variety of industries struggle with improving productivity of the sales force while at the same time attempting to lower costs. The traditional sales paradigm fails to deliver. 70% of respondents said their greatest sales challenge to closing their revenue gap was effective sales process execution 53% consistent messaging 41% organizational alignment 10% hours per week The average sales cycle is of content sales 22% representatives use to sell is “made is what the average salesperson spends looking for relevant information to prepare for sales available in a useful format." longer than 5 years ago calls. 20% of sales people bring in over 60% of the revenue $$$$$$$$$$ The misalignment in sales and marketing is causing the typical company to underperform by 10% $100 or in annual revenue Million for a $1B company. HOW ARE COMPANIES USING SALES ENABLEMENT TO IMPROVE THE SALES PROCESS? What's common across the board is that to be successful with a sales enablement program, you need to develop a team to work across traditional organizational boundaries and reporting levels within your company. ELIMINATING WASTED WORKER TIME & REDUCING COSTS Reduction in reformatting time Reduction in unused documents Improved success rate of sales finding their elusive content Elimination of duplicated content and a reduction in sales facing portals estimated to cost organizations over $4 MILLION per year $20,000 - $30,000 per rep each year on training and sales assets yet over $5,600 60% $5,000 annually per seller sales documents are not used annually per seller MANAGE AND ACCESS SALES ASSETS MORE EFFECTIVELY 50% of companies reported the sales enablement function contributing to a variety of sales effectiveness areas: More than • delivering sales effectiveness training · selecting and deploying sales technology - managing sales communication This indicates the broadening of the function's role, not just in providing sales assets, but in making sure reps are competent in their ability to use those assets. +15.3% Fortune 500 companies that report having a strong sales enablement program are witnessing 15.3% growth, according to the SAVO Maturity Model. Of those companies that have a sales enablement function: 90% want to maintain or increase spending in the next fiscal year. 4 KEY REASONS WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A SALES ENABLEMENT PROGRAM Decrease seller preparation time 2 Improve marketing and sales rep productivity 3 Leverage knowledge experts and sales leaders to help all sellers become better informed Make it easier for customers and prospects to buy Organizations that embrace sales enablement programs see reductions in lost time and worker costs, while continuing to empower their sales and marketing organizations to execute and prove results. The sales enablement tools available in the marketplace today make high-impact sales enablement programs possible by not only increasing marketing program effectiveness, but also helping sales reps deliver the right content to the right buying audience at the right time in the buying process. Countless organizations are realizing the benefits that sales enablement programs and tools offer. Are you one of them? Infographic by Sponsored by DKNEWMEDIA TinderBöx Measured. Results. SOURCES ** ......

Closing the Gap Between Sales & Marketing Through Sales Enablement

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Companies that are utilizing sales enablement tools and programs as a part apart of both the sales and marketing strategy are seeing increased effectiveness in their sales efforts and corresponding re...



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