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Clocking in from the Couch

Clocking in FROM THE COUCH A peek at what we're doing when we "work" from home. WORKING FROM HOME IS 33% BECOMING MORE COMMON % of workers who primarily work from home: of companies allow some employees to work from home on a regular basis. 1980 2010 2.3% 4.3% 10% ) of Americans telecommute at least once a week. HOW EDUCATED ARE PEOPLE WHO WORK FROM HOME? BACHELOR'S DEGREE OR HIGHER 35.6 % SOME COLLEGE 20.1 % HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 11.2 % LESS THAN HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 11 % Percent of employed workers, aged 25 and older, who worked at home on an average workday. WHY DO THEY WORK FROM HOME? 48% 44% 35% 35% NEED TO FINISH WORK FEWER DISTRACTIONS MORE PRODUCTIVE AT HOME BETTER WORK/LIFE BALANCE WHAT ELSE DO PEOPLE DO WHILE "WORKING" FROM HOME? 43% WATCH TV OR A MOVIE 35% DO HOUSEHOLD CHORES Surveyed workers fessed up to doing non-work activities while they're on the clock at home. 28% COOK DINNER 26% TAKE NAPS 24% DRINK ALCOHOL 20% PLAY VIDEO GAMES 31% CHORES Putting in a load of laundry may not take any more time than a quick chat at the water cooler, but what do at-home 26% TV 23% PETS 19% y ERRANDS workers label as their 18% INTERNET BIGGEST DISTRACTIONS? 15% CHILDREN READY FOR THAT VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL? What are workers wearing when they log on at home? JEANS AND A T-SHIRT PAJAMAS WORKOUT CLOTHES UNDERWEAR OR BIRTHDAY SUIT 49% 25% 14% 7% British company 02 asked 2,500 employees at its headquarters to work from home for one day. Employees saved an estimated 2,000 hours of commuting time. SOME PEOPLE ARE MORE PRODUCTIVE AT HOME 120 EXTRA HOURS TO TRAVEL ELSEWHERE Here's 240 EXTRA HOURS OF RELAXATION what they did with 280 EXTRA HOURS OF FAMILY TIME the extra 320 EXTRA HOURS OF SLEEP time: 1.040 EXTRA HOURS OF WORK 2,000 HOURS WHERE DO PEOPLE THINK THEY'RE THE MOST PRODUCTIVE? 29% 37% 34% AT HOME AT THE OFFICE EQUALLY PRODUCTIVE HOME/OFFICE MOST BOSSES AREN'T ON BOARD. YET WHY NOT? When asked what their boss thinks about working remotely, employees said that their boss: Most common problems bosses have with remote workers: INABILITY TO TALK 49% FACE-TO-FACE ENCOURAGES IT 15% 26% LESS FOCUS TOLERATES IT 35% 22% NO ACCOUNTABILITY X 50% OPPOSES IT 22% SLACKING OFF IS YOUR BOSS WATCHING? Computer and mobile tracking applications are springing to help bosses manage a remote workforce. These programs can: ALLOW YOUR BOSS TO MONITOR YOUR WEB BROWSING TRACK WHAT PROGRAMS YOU USE AND FOR HOW LONG MONITOR THE LOCATION OF FIELD WORKERS .TIME TO LOG OFF FACEBOOK AND GET BACK TO WORK! Created for©QuinStreet, Inc. 2012 Online DEGREES.COM Sources /news.release/atus.t06.htm orking-from-home jobposter/resources /page.aspx?pagever=2011 WorkingFro m Home&tem plate=none e/2012/03/29/survey-shows-o ftice-workers-bosses-wantto-work-from-everywhere-and-any where.aspx the-uks -biggest-ever-qflexible-workingg-pilot /site/resources/dy namic/addit ional Wakefield_Research_Citrix_Su rvey_Results_Overview FINAL.pdf

Clocking in from the Couch

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Workplaces are getting more flexible, thanks to growing mobile technology, and surveys show that many employees would jump at the chance to work remotely. A 2012 survey by Wakefield Research for tec...


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