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Clean Your Ride

CLEAN YOUR RIDE How to Clean your Motorcycle Remember how sexy your motorcycle first looked when it was brand new? Don't you want it looking like that again? Read on and find out how to treat your precious ride with a little TLC and have it looking magnificent again. 4 PRINCIPLES TO FOLLOW FOR A GOOD WASH Evaluate and the situation Prep and what has to be done. Soap, water and a few rags can Choose the only get you so far. Purchase right products appropriate automotive cleaners, lubricants, wax and the like. You'll have to invest to gain great results. Use the right 3 cleaning techniques b. Use appropriate tools and products for certain areas. a. ALWAYS read the instructions on the products you use and follow those accordingly. Some areas are more sensitive than others and require more attention to detail. Don't forget to dry it properly afterward WHAT YOU'LL NEED Buckets for Water and Soap (pH balance between 6-8 is ideal) Soap/Liquid Detergent/Automotive Cleaners Bug/Tar Remover Degreaser/Engine Cleaner/Chain Lube* A variety of Brushes for hard to reach areas (ex: a toothbrush) Microfibers/100% cotton sponges Chamois cloth for drying** Soft cotton towels and more abrasive rags Protective Sprays/Wax** Gloves to keep your hands clean*** Leaflblower*** *it neccesary it desired .**Optional STEPS 1. PREP a. Choose a nice shady spot to wash in as the sun may cause water or some products to dry unevenly. b. Remove any accessories like rings, watches, etc. to avoid scratching the vehicle. c. Remove any other add-ons to the motorcycle that you don't want to get wet such as your GPS, luggage, etc. d. Make sure your bike is cool to touch to avoid burns and complications the hot temperature would cause. e. Prepare at least 2 buckets of water, one with clean water for rinsing, and one with the soap solution you plan to use. f. Be sure to have all the materials for cleaning on hand. 2. WASH a. Use appropriate products with the appropriate cleaning techniques. Always follow the instructions of each product you use. b. Keep in mind the different parts of your motorcycle. Some parts are hard and can be scrubbed a bit more vigorously. While more sensitive parts like paint and chrome should be handled with more care. c. Make sure to clean up bugs as soon as possible. Use bug removers and be sure to use a different sponge for other cleaning duties. d. Use brushes to clean hard to reach areas. e. Remember to re-lube your chain after cleaning it to improve its lifetime, stop friction and prevent corrosion. f. Wheel cleaning is important. Be wary of the material these are made of and use appropriate products. You may also want to use a polish or a corrosion protectant spray afterwards. g. Practice caution with your brake discs, engine and other parts essential to your motorcycle's operation. Again only use what's appropriate for these. h. Rinse thoroughly. Some products may dry quickly and leave marks or damage. Be sure to wash these off to avoid that. 3. FINISH a. Use a chamois cloth to wipe your motorcycle. Be sure to check for any spots of water that may dry and leave marks. b. Use a leaf blower dry the motorcycle. remaining moisture on c. Apply wax or spray finish as desired for that Soruces: al-news/2013/may/may2213-the-rules-cleaning-your-bike/ ROTATION CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE PARTS

Clean Your Ride

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If you own a motorcycle, you know how important it is to take care of your bike. This doesn’t just mean getting tune-ups and changing oil on a regular basis. It also means keeping your motorcycle cl...


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