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Choosing The Right Explainer Video

ARE YOU CHOOSING THE RIGHT EXPLAINER VIDEO? EXPLAINER VIDEOS IS THE BROAD TERM GIVEN TO VIDEOS THAT BRING FOCUS AND ATTENTION TO MAKING AN IDEA OR SUBJECT EASY TO UNDERSTAND. A GREAT EXPLAINER VIDEO CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR CUSTOMERS UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU DO OR THEM GETTING FRUSTRATED FINDING OUT. Gverage Gittertion span THAT'S LESS THAN THE AVERAGE GOLDFISH! IS LESS THAN 8 SECONDS On the internet AS WE DEMAND MORE VIDEO CONTENT, EXPLAINER VIDEOS HAVE BECOME AN EFFECTIVE WAY FOR BRANDS TO EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE AND RETAIN THEIR AUDIENCES ATTENTION. IN A RECENT SURVEY OF C-LEVEL BUSINESS EXECUTIVES BY FORBES, 59% OF EXECUTIVES said they'd rather watch an online video than read text covering the same information on a website. AT YUDLE, WE SPLIT EXPLAINER VIDEOS INTO THREE DISTINCTIVE TYPES Determining what you want your audiences to DOOR SOUND PRODUCTION understand and feel, and how you'd like them to react and UNINSPIRING BORING VISUALS NARRATIVES THAT respond to your video is all important when determining the approach needed to create a successful MPACT EXPLAINERS FAIL TO ENGAGE explainer video. HOMEPAGE EXPLAINERS 62% can affect ROI and the of consumers opinion of your brand. have a negative perception of a brand that ED UCATIONAL EXPLAINERS publish a poor quality video. ALL OF WHICH REQUIRE DIFFERENT APPROACHES IN TERMS OF THEIR PRODUCTION. MPACT EXPLAINERS Impact explainers are perfect for direct marketing, social media and email marketing, and they are designed to encourage audiences to find out more. Typically short and snappy, heavily reflective of the brand and highly memorable, with particular focus on creating a clear and tempting call to action. MORE CONVERSIONS WITH SOCIAL VIDEO GENERATING MARKETING 1200% PROFESSIONALS CLAIM 75%) THROUGH VIDEOS THAN ANY OTHER CONTENT, MORE SHARES THAN TEXT AND IMAGES COMBINED. HOMEPAGE EXPLAINERS Homepage explainer videos are most often used as an introduction to a company or service and provide a greater opportunity to control and curate the user experience. These videos focus on conveying your value proposition to your audience, and an approach centred around instilling empathy with viewers by illustrating the obstacles and challenges they have, followed by explaining how you solve these issues. This is an effective way of achieving success and retaining customer attention. COMPANIES THAT USE VIDEO ENJOY MORE WEB TRAFFIC FROM SEARCH RESULTS THAN AND FEATURING VIDEOS ON LANDING PAGES INCREASE CONVERSION RATES BY 41% NON-USERS, OVER 80%. EDUCATIONAL EXPLAINERS Educational explainers are not usually subject to quite the same constraints in terms of the lengths of videos, rather concentrating their efforts upon explaining complex subjects in the most effective way possible. This approach is often focussed on creating a visual style that maximises the retention of information for the audience. Audio and visual explainer videos provide a more conducive way to learn as we naturally retain more information when more of our senses are stimulated. ANIMATION CAN INCREASE INFORMATION RETENTION BY UP TO WITH A LARGE PART OF THIS IMPROVEMENT BEING 15% ATTRIBUTED TO AUDIENCES ENJOYING WHAT THEY ARE WATCHING. yudle ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS © Copyright 2016 Yudle Animation |

Choosing The Right Explainer Video

shared by Yudle on May 01
A helpful guide for anyone who wants to get an animated explainer video made.


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