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China's Internet is a Giant Shopping Mall

CHINA'S INTERNET IS A GIANT SHOPPING MALL CHINESE CONSUMERS IN 2013 ARE EXPECTED TO SPEND... £177 billion shopping online, surpassing all other countries including the world's current largest online retail market, the U.s. More than 242 million Chinese shop on the Internet. That's six times the number in the U.K., 75 million more e-shoppers than there are in the U.S., and double the number of online shoppers in Japan. PORTRAIT OF CHINA'S ONLINE SHOPPERS 60% have income of less than &703 Average spending per online shopper in 2012 £213 12% (Average U.K. person spends £1,083) a month 44% of online purchases are made by mobile phone check social media to make buying decisions 52% Male 48% Female 9 out of 10 pay using e-payment services 22% make more than 40 online (but half als0 pay cash on delivery) purchases 61% are aged 18-30 a year Sources: China Internet Network Information Center, Ofcom, Taobao, Alipay, McKinsey, Nielsen, Macquarie Research, We Are Social Singapore. 2011 & 2012 data WHY THEY E-SHOP Price cheaper than physical stores 52% Convenience 19% Large variety of products 16% More info to help choose products 6% Can buy products unavailable in stores 6% & WHY THEY DON'T Worried about product quality 66% Worried about e-tailer's credibility 43% Delivery too slow 25% Poor customer service 23% Paying is a hassle 20% Sources: iResearch, Macquarie Research. 201l data WHERE THEY E-SHOP Top Chinese B2C websites by market share 3% Sunning 15% 54% Others 3% Joyo Amazon Tmall 17% 360Buy 2% VANCL 2% Dangdang Sources: iResearch, Macquarie Research. 201l data WHAT THEY BUY 68% 39% 39% 37% 33% 30% Apparel & Accessories Household Books Cosmetics Digital Goods Consumer Electronics Goods &e Audio & Beauty Sources: China Internet Network Information Center. 2011 data HOW CHINA COMPARES TOTAL RETAIL E-COMMERCE SALES U.S. China U.K. Germany France $300 billion 2011 2012 2013 (E) 2014 (E) 2015 (E) Sources: iResearch, eMarketer, Macquarie Research AVERAGE MONTHLY ONLINE PURCHASES per person China 8.4 ** 5.5 Hong Kong U.S. 5.2 U.K. 4.3 Sources: eMarketer, Macquarie Research. 2012 data CHINA HAS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR GROWTH Internet Users as a Percentage of Population 83% 78% 61% 40% 26% 11% Korea U.S. Europe China Asia India Sources: eWorld Stat, Macquarie Research. 2012 data EL PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS CONTENT! 28.5 125 81 113 608 35.5 46.3 123.4 38.7 49.9 134.1 41.8 s'sS 143.6 1445 048

China's Internet is a Giant Shopping Mall

shared by alibabauk on Feb 27
China will bring huge opportunities for UK businesses as online shopping continues to grow at a rapid rate. Chinese consumers in 2013 are expected to spend £177 billion shopping online, surpassing al...



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