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China in a Nutshell

CHINA IN A NUTSHELL OVERVIEW China UK Capital: Beijing GDP Growth Rate 1.3 0.3 Population:1.35 billion Inflation Rate 1.2 0.1 Interest Rate 5.1 0.5 2$ GDP:£ 5.835 trillion Unemployment Rate 4.1 5.4 PPE': £ 24,728 Balance of Trade 595 -1202 Y Imports (% of GDP): 23.8% 1: Per Person Expenditure TOP IMPORT PARTNERS South UK USA Korea Japan Germany Alcoholic Beverages: £ 69m Alcoholic Beverages: £ 53m Alcoholic Beverages: £ 92m Automobile: £6.7bn Alcoholic Beverages: N/A Automobile: £3.6bn Alcoholic Beverages: £ 143m Automobile: £9bn Clothing & Footwear: N/A Automobile: £ 10.2bn Clothing & Footwear: £ 66.4m Automobile: £ 17.5bn Clothing & Footwear: £ 47.3m Pharmaceuticals: £700m Clothing & Footwear: N/A Pharmaceuticals: N/A Pharmaceuticals: £ 1.6bn Clothing & Footwear: N/A Medical Equipment: £900m AUROR Pharmaceuticals: £ 466m Medical Equipment: £14.2bn Pharmaceuticals: £2.4bn Medical Equipment: £7.2bn Medical Equipment: £ 10.5bn Medical Equipment: £5.5bn BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES It is important to note that we only consider sectors for whom we offer Linguistic Services, BY 2020, CHINA'S E-COMMERCE 90% OF ONLINE MARKET WILL BE LARGER THAN THAT OF THE USA AND EUROPE IN 2013, CHINESE ONLINE SHOPPERS PURCHASES OCCUR ON VIRTUAL PLATFORMS (TAOBAO AND TMALL) COMBINED SPENT £187BN In China, e-commerce is not a replacement for purchases that would otherwise take place offline. Rather, it is contributing to a constant increase in consumption. It is estimated that online shops could generate 4-7% of incremental consumption by 2020. One of the reasons for this is the impact that e- commerce has on midsized and small cities The two main challenges for Western brands in Chinese e-commerce are: • Language and Localisation: Brands should always hire a professional Language Sectors Shares of online consumption Apparel Recreation and education e.g. books and DVDS 20 Service Provider to reflect the traditions and Household Products 15 values of their target audience. • Marketing Differences: Western brands need to completely rethink their digital strategy in order to reach new Chinese netizens. Microblogging and opinion leaders are useful for engaging a Chinese audience. Transportation and Communication 12 Health care and personal products 11 (e.g., Jianmen, Wenzhou, Zhongshan), where 'netizens' have access to products not available to them previously. Food TOURISM THE NUMBER OF CHINESE OUTBOUND TOURISTS ON AVERAGE, CHINESE TRAVELLERS SPEND EUROPE RECEIVES 3.4 MILION E2700 PER REACHED 100 MILION IN CHINESE TOURISTS CAPITA, PER TRIP 2014 Key players in the tourism sector are still struggling to attract Chinese tourists, but there are a few solutions available to companies seeking to attract new Chinese customers: Use of Multimedia Opinion Leaders Stars and opinion leaders can really influence Chinese customers. This is why New Zealand hired Yao Chen, an Partnerships with Chinese Travel Agencies Asian tourists prefer travelling in organised groups. This tendency is decreasing, but still very popular. Provide a Website in Chinese tourists like to be able Chinese to see the places they will visit. Many agencies therefore produce videos to attract potential travelers. New Zealand is one example of a country which has experienced an increase in the number of It may seem obvious, but many key tourism destinations do not yet have a website in Chinese. SEO and a presence on Social Media are also important to attracting visitors to your actress listed as the 83rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. The partnership has been a success for the country, resulting in a 30% increase in Chinese tourists. website. Chinese visitors after a well- planned digital communication campaign, including hosting Chinese reality TV shows. SOCIAL MEDIA China is one of the most constrained countries in the world. This means that local Chinese social media sites have developed a larger audience in the country than the best-known global competitors. Every company planning to launch products in China should therefore have a presence on these platforms: SINA WEIBO QZONE RENREN WECHAT Qzone is a blogging platform, but also has a few similarities to WeChat can be compared with Whatsapp, with a few features that can be very uses the same colours,U useful for marketers and Known as the Chinese Twitter, Sina Weibo has 600 million registered Not entirely without a reason, people call RenRen the "Facebook of China": it Facebook. Businesses can advertise their products through fan pages. Qzone is the second largest social media platform in China and has more than 250 users and 176 million same layout and many monthly active users. Opinion leaders use this channel to inspire their audience. If you want to create or enlarge your Chinese fanbase, Sina Weibo is one of the first businesses. Brands can other similar features. In interact with potential customers by sending targeted messages and posts. There are also many other valuable options in WeChat that brands can 2014, RenRen had 215 million users, but the lack of a suitable mobile version of million monthly active the site has caused a recent users. decrease in the number of platforms you need to engage with. active users on this platform. use (e.g., inserting QR codes or ads on popular pages). CHINESE PERSONA Zhou Yanghao is 33 years old and lives in Shanghai working as a Project Manager in the Property sector. He really likes his job. He is confident that his career will continue to improve. Although recently he began to be less focused in working hard and getting richer, now he is keen to try new things in his spare time. He has a positive attitude and a strong attitude of consumerism. He likes trying new digital gadgets, but he is quite reluctant to be a first adopter. He rather prefers to read reviews and comments before buying an item. As for commercial tastes, he has the same preferences as western people of his age. He is planning to buy a German car next year. In Other Words - Translation Agency In altre parole |n Other EE Md WOTUS In altre parole [email protected]

China in a Nutshell

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Chinese is one of the most powerful economies in the world, but many people still have a limited knowledge of business opportunities and of Chinese audience. Read our infographic "China in a Nutshell"...


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