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The Checkout Game

THE CđŁECKOUT GAME TRICKS THAT ONLINE RETAILERS PLAY This year, online retailers are expected to pull in $680 billion worldwide. With that much money on the table, websites pull out all the stops. 50 100 CREATIVE DESIGA Color subconsciously Let's get shopping! creates emotions Arrows say "Look at me!" These colors make you feel: Trust & Security: Wealth; Act Now!; Luxury The MetLife carefully selected Add to Cart |GILT GROUPE words make you spend Dell made an extra $25 million in sales by changing its message from "Learn More" to "Help Me Choose.' more Product description videos boost Zappos sales 6 %-30% Product videos lure you in EASY TO BUY Your purchase is renewed Spending's too easy with one-click buying automatically Amazon's one-click ordering works so well the company sued Barnes & Noble for patent infringement in 1999. Quantity: 1 Quick loading 9 Add to Shopping Cart or Buy now with 1-Click pages keep you from thinking too long Cutting page load times from 6-9 seconds to under 2 seconds increased Shopzilla's revenue 5-12%. Your phone lets you shop anywhere People on their smartphones spent about twice as much shopping eBay in 2010 than in 2009 - spending more than $1.5 billion. WHAT PEOPLE SAL Your credit card details are stored for later use Real "star power" is getting you to buy Tom Cruise wearing 1952 Ray-Ban "Wayfarers' in Risky Business boosted sales 1344% to 260,000 in 1983, then boosted Aviator sales after Top Gun. Ray-Bans are now the #1 selling sun- glasses in the world. Buyer's Guides convince you with leading answers People return products without reviews 20.4% more often than those with reviews at pet food retailer PETCO. And for products with 50 or more reviews, the return rate is half that of products with less than 5 reviews. What other people think Shoppers will pay 20%-99% MORE for a 5-star product than a 4-star rated product, according to comScore. matters - a lot ***** (28,782 customer revievs) PRICE Uh oh, it's got 5 star reviews You're lured in with a free trial, then buy buy buy. There's no such thing as a free lunch, or a free game app. "Freemium" titles like Tap Zoo, Tiny Tower and Happy Park let you play for free but make a lot of money when you buy within the game. Multirool Free Other Murse shipping results in spending Shoppers spent 37% more after amazon dropped free shipping minimum orders from $49 to $25 in 2002 - more than covering the extra $26 Million in shipping costs amazon paid that year. more on items Price: $19.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Groupon sold 441,000 deals for Gap ($25 for $50 of merchandise) - getting consumers to spend more than $11 million in one day - in Aug. 2010 Slashed prices add up fast in IGROUPO TICKING CLOCK your cart Short deal windows make you feel like an insider 45 40 10 35 1s Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal sites get more interest because of the limited time availability. 30 25 20 Time Left To Buy 2 days 10:43:31 Count downs add uses a Time left to urgency to complete page very dramatic two minute timer to lock in purchases. your shopping 02:00 Kayak shows the number of available seats left on a flight to show urgency. | Boeing 777 (Wide-body Jet) Economy |1 seats remain Fear of missing out makes you hurry to buy IRCLING BACK "Helpful" reminder email: You "forgot" to buy this Items you left in A whopping 50% of shoppers might open a "you didn't buy this" message, vs. the usual 10% for other retailer emails. And 25% will click on a link inside the note - which gets you shopping again. Cha-ching! your cart magically appear in ads FREE $75 COUPOM TRY STC OMEREE Ever feel like the ads eerily know exactly what you want to buy? Brands use retargeting ads to promote items on other websites you looked at on their own website. CLO BEYO CLOUDEDS Retailers Retailers will delay emailing your receipt to disconnect you from the purchase and money spent. AMERIG want you to forget how much you spend Congratulations! You've just gone shopping. The RETAILER wins! helps you save money every week by bringing together the very best vouchers for over two thousand shops and restaurants. 5 and this information is in no way affiliated with any of the companies including but not limited to MetLife, Amazon, Gilt Groupe, Zappos, Shopzila, Blackberry, Apple Inc, Ray-Ban, Groupon. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for the accuracy of this information. ( CHECKOUT GAME

The Checkout Game

shared by visually on Aug 16
Tricks that online retailers play to get you to buy.


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