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The CEOs Of Tomorrow

CEO CEO DOMO MEET THE CEOS OF TOMORROW .com We surveyed more than 2,400 students with aspirations for the CEO office. Respondents from 499 schools in 45 of the 50 states revealed what characteristics they perceived are AMERICA’S important to being a CEO and what they think it takes to lead a COLLEGE STUDENTS modern-day enterprise. Education According to the students surveyed, a CEO should have: 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% A Graduate Degree 48% An Undergraduate Degree 20% A High School Diploma 3% The Level of Education 29% for CEOS Isn't Important Yet when asked what the most important characteristic for CEOS to have is, education scored dead last. Here were the results: 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 40% Passion Experience in Leadership 29% People Skills 14% Experience in the Industry 8% Intelligence 6% 3% Education These findings demonstrate that tomorrow's business leaders value experience and the drive to achieve more than a degree. Though tomorrow's CEOS rank education lower in importance, it is clear that most still value it enough to finish their schooling. 27% WOULD FINISH SCHOOL FIRST. 53% WOULD GO TO SCHOL WHILE RUNNING A BUSINESS. 20% WOULD DROP OUT OF SCHOOL TO START A BUSINESS. While many believe education is not necessary, these numbers clearly indicate that education is still important to tomorrow's CEOS. DOMO Brought to you by Entrepreneurial Experience What type of experience really matters to students aspiring to the CEO office? Entrepreneurship. 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% AGREE THAT STARTING A COMPANY IS AN ESSENTIAL 57% EXPERIENCE IN A HAVE ALREADY STARTED 18% SUCCESSFUL CEO's LIFE. THEIR OWN COMPANY. To get the experience they value so highly, the majority of respondents plan to start working for an established firm: 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% PLAN ON WORKING FOR 59% AN EXISTING COMPANY. PLAN ON STARTING THEIR 41% OWN COMPANY AFTER GRADUATING. DOMO Brought to you by Leadership & Management Today's future leaders demonstrate a shift toward a more iconoclastic, results-focused work environment, as opposed to the hierarchical power structures of the past. WHEN ASKED WHO WOULD BE ON THEIR EXECUTIVE DREAM TEAM, "Millennials have little interest in hierarchy and are not particularly impressed by the titles and positions within the traditional pyramid 63% PICKED STEVE JOBS. structure." Vineet Nayar 100% CEO OF HCL 80% 72% are open to allowing employees to work from home. 60% 40% 20% MOST FIND LITTLE, IF ANY, RELEVANCE IN TRADITIONAL MANAGEMENT TITLES: 39% {thought that titles were necessary. WHEN IT COMES TO DRESS CODE, 75% 36% {thought that titles were necessary but need to be changed. WOULD HAVE SOME KIND OF CASUAL DRESS ARRANGEMENT. 25% {would create a new system. Here are some examples of contemporary titles currently being used: Fab Kodak Coca-Cola facebook. Microsoft DELL KODAK AND DELL APPOINTED CHIEF LISTENERS. FACEBOOK RECENTLY ADDED TWO CHIEF PRIVACY OFFICERS. COCA-COLA HAS A SCIENTIFIC AND REGULATORY OFFICER. MICROSOFT HAS A CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER. FAB RECENTLY APPOINTED A CHIEF EUROPEAN OFFICER. DOMO Brought to you by Social Media The CEO of tomorrow is likely to be much more social than those of today. COMPARED TO FORTUNE 500 CEOS, THESE STUDENTS REGULARLY UTILIZE THE FOLLOWING: STUDENTS CEOS 100% CURRENTLY, 53% OF RESPONDENTS USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO 53% 80% STAY INFORMED ON THE LATEST NEWS AND BUSINESS 73% TRENDS. 60% 57% 55% 50% 40% 25.9% 20% 7.6% 3.8% .2% FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER OWN BLOG in в DOMO Brought to you by Top Priorities When asked to choose what their primary concerns would be over the next decade, the CEOS of tomorrow revealed that globalization and IT security are among their top priorities: 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% GLOBALIZATION | 54% IT SECURITY 53% CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 48% MOBILE TECHNOLOGY 47% SOCIAL MEDIA 44% TALENT RETENTION 38% INCREASING COSTS AND TAXATION 37% DATA STORAGE 35% THE CLOUD 18% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% We can conclude from this research that changes are indeed coming to the C-suite. These changes will be characterized by more technological focus, more freedom for employees, and a more globally connected perspective when it comes to making decisions. Brought to you by SOURCES: CEO.COM | HIRING.MONSTER.COM | HTTP://HIRING.MONSTER.COM/HR/HR-BEST-PRACTICES/WORKFORCE- MANAGEMENT/EMPLOYEE-RETENTION-STRATEGIES/GEN-Y-EMPLOYEE- CEO DOMO RETENTION-STRATEGIES.ASPX .com

The CEOs Of Tomorrow

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What will CEOs be like 20 years from now? went ahead and asked them. After surveying thousands of students aspiring to the C-suite, we found out what they think about education, entrepreneursh...



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