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Celebrating Women in Manufacturing

Celebrating Women in* 0000 Manufacturing . WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE From 1940-1945 1940-1945 1940-1945 1940-1945 Number of women Number of women Number of women in Manufacturing: in Defense Plants: in Aircraft Industry: 1 100% 1 400% 39% 61% Number of women in the work force: 50% ROSIE THE RIVETER "Rosie the Riveter" inspired a social movement that increased the number of working American women. From 1940-1944 the number of women working in America rose from 12 million to 20 million! The Average man working in a wartime plant was paid $54.65/WEEK The Average woman working in a wartime plant was (in millions) 20 paid $31.50/WEEK In Detroit, women working in a wartime plant took home $40.35/WEEK Women working in retail, hotels, restaurants, etc... took home 57% 10 $24.10/WEEK-$29.75/WEEK POST In a highly symbolic touch, Rockwell painted a copy of Norman Rockwell's image of "Rosie the Riveter" received mass distribution on the cover "Mein Kampf" under one of 1940 1944 "Rosie's" feet. of the Saturday Evening Post on May 29, 1943. (Year) The "We Can Do It!" poster was Yearly Earnings for Women Workers We Can Do It! one of a series of posters This iconic poster, created in commissioned by the 1942 was not the real "Rosie Westinghouse Company's War Production Coordinating 1940 $754.00 1944 $1,289.00 the Riveter" poster, as many people think. Committee to boost employee morale and productivity. PRESENT DAY: WOMEN IN MANUFACTURING Today in manufacturing, there is an untenable lack of skilled workers throughout manufacturing and, unlike the end of WWII, manufacturers are keenly seeking women to fill the gap. According to a survey of 1,100 manufacturing executives... 17% 30% 70% 2010-2011 JOBS IN MANUFACTURING 25,000 JOBS 83% 230,000 JOBS Women workers in Severe shortage of skilled production workers. Manufacturing There are currently 600,00O skilled manufacturing jobs in the USA that remain unfilled. Women have the skills needed to fill these positions. Number of women-owned Manufacturing Firms from 1997-2004 43% 57% 1 38% |Number of Men with. 43% 33% † Reported to be "highly satisfied with manufacturing jobs. undergraduate degree |Number of Women with undergraduate degree Reported to be "highly satisfied with manufacturing jobs. Published By: Sources: 2 emaint | | | eMaint Maintenance Management Solutions

Celebrating Women in Manufacturing

shared by jessief on May 13
This May 29th will mark the 70th anniversary of the publishing of Norman Rockwell’s iconic “Rosie the Riveter” painting on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post (published May 29th, 1943). "Ros...




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