Cashing In On County Fairs

-CAS HING IN ON- COUNTY FAIRS While some businesses enjoy the lazy days of summer, it might just be the perfect time for small businesses to scope out new customers. During summer months, county and state fairs offer great opportunities for small business owners to increase their visibility in the local community. HISTORY OF THE COUNTY FAIR Regional fairs can be traced back to ancient times, when traders would meet to exchange goods and Fast forward to 1816, when the first U.S. fair Today, regional fairs have grown in size & scope, took place. Sponsored by an agricultural society in Massachusetts, the event marked but still honor local communities and offer a information. They would feature both religious ceremonies and trading opportunities, and serve as a social meeting space. place to showcase the products, businesses, the start of a time-honored American tradition. and people of the areas they're held in. ΤΕΗ CΟ τOMIC I ΜΡΑGT ΟΤ COUNTY FAIRS Regional fairs boost local economies by providing jobs, supporting small businesses, and generating millions in revenue. CALIF ORNIA Create COUNTY 28,000 FAIRS Infua $2.55 billion jobs. $130 million Generate annually into the state economy in state and local government tax revenues MANY SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS STAND TO ABOOST TO SMALI TAKING KEEPING A SM ALL IT LOC AL BUSINESSES BUSIN ESS A study by Oregon State University TO THI E FAIR GAIN FROM PARTICIPATING IN FAIRS. examined the impact of county fairs on local Food or other product-driven small economies and businesses, and identified key benefits. businesses can particularly benefit at summer fairs. Characteristic Transaction Many small business owners say they can earn A recurring theme among county fairs is the type of transactions that take place the $1,000 to $2,000 each weekend, depending on the size of the event. purchase of local goods and services A 2008 study of Los Angeles County Fair by local people. attendees revealed the top reasons for attending. Fair food & drinks Import Substitution Shopping These types of transactions keep money in the local economy ADMIT ONE and replace spending that would take money outside of the area. Carnival rides &concerts GainingLocal Popularity Local goods and services that become popular among local Products that work well at outdoor fairs are: people can become popular elsewhere, bringing in money as exports or helping business expand to nearby communities. Reasonably priced Unique Easy to carry KEYS TO Be engaging. A fair or festival environment is more frenetic FAIR SUCCESS than most small business owners may be Five tips for small business owners eyeing summer fairs. accustomed to. Smile and speak to people passing by to get them looking and talking. Cater to impulse. Have something you can sell at a low price to attract Consider profitability. impulse buyers. Or, offer packaged pricing - reduced cost for buying two or more items together. Calculate costs of participating in an event, including booth fees, any supplies, and staffing. Then, estimate the benefits – sales and exposure – you'd generate to decide whether it'd be worth it. Follow up strategically. Don't expect all passersby to hold on to your business card. Have a sign-up sheet to share e-mails on promotions, products, and events. Add new names to your e-mail marketing strategy. Stay stocked. Have plenty of business cards and other sales materials on-hand. Interested parties who don't buy at the event might follow up if you give them a website and product or service info. MUST-VISIT, BLUE-RIBB ON 10 COUNTY FAIRS Drake Hokanson and Carol Kratz, the authors of "Purebred and Homegrown: America's County Fairs," have identified their favorite county fairs in the U.S. These 10 events offer a glimpse of the small town agricultural fairs that modern county fairs trace their roots to. Tillamook County Fair TILLAMOOK, OR Johnson County Fair & Rodeo BUFFALO, WY Adams Agricultural Fair ADAMS, MA Vernon County Fair VIROQUA, WI Clay County Fair SPÉNCER, IA Chautauqua County Fair DUNKIRK, NY Merced County Fair MERCED, CA Fayette County Free Fair CONNERSVILLE, IN Elberton 12-County Fair ELBERTON, GA Deltana Fair DELTA JUNCTION, AK SOURCES QuickBooks Online ABC News, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Los Angeles Times, USA Today,,, Oregon State University intuit.

Cashing In On County Fairs

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While some businesses enjoy the lazy days of summer, it might just be the perfect time for small business to scope out new customers. During summer months, county and state fairs offer great opportuni...




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