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A Case For Culture

A CASE FOR CULTURE THE sOpeliouIST SODERQUIST CENTER CULTURE CAN ACCOUNT FOR AS MUCH AS SENSE OF CULTURE $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ EARNINGS EXCELLENT EXECUT IVES STRONG CORPORATE ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE EBIT EM PLOYEES CULTURE BEFORE INTEREST AND TAXES POOR There is a positive correlation between corporate culture strength and long term econo mic performance Executives have an inflated sense of workplace culture when com pared to employees he parfonane reaare usedio adluate andrank he diioni ana northly bak at lal bt inadudy regrdingtheinpodof alure on finandal perkrane ly Erk Aoanhola. CULTURE AND BUSINESS SUCCESS UPHOLDING CULTURE IF WE HAD THE KIND OF CULTURE WE ASPIRE TO, IN PURSUIT OF THE 94 88 19 15 STRATEGY WE HAVE CHOSEN, WHAT KINDS OF NEW BEHAVIORS WOULD BE COMMON ? OF EXECUTIVES OF EMPLOYEES OF EXECUTIVES OF EMPLOYEES LIVED OUT CULTURE there is a strong correlation betwe en employees who say they are happy at work, and those who say their organization has clearly articulated and lived culture believe strongly that their culture is widely upheld within their organization believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success HBR: KATSEMBACH STETTEN & KRO MLEY CULTURE IS INCRED IBLY II IMPORTA NT IN THE SUCCESS THE WAY ORGANIZATIO NS MANAGE PEOPLE AND THE CULTURE THEY CR EATE PLAYS A FUNDAMENTAL ROLE IN THEIR EMPLO YEES ABILITY TO DRIVE THE BUSINESS. OF ANY ORGANIZATION organizations with effective manage ment cultures are 2.5 timmes more kely to have passionate leaders DDI DON SODERQUIST SOURCES L Cldal Laadeslip Farect 2011, The Tlent Managemnt Exper, Janine Bat nd Rihand Wellins 02010 | 2 Coe Bedie and Culbare, Delime 2013, hap/ wwwadelcime.omviewlem_USlua Aoutlaadeship/I Selals73 1OVy=VCMI00000 1956laRCRDhe 3 Company Calbua by the Number, Employ ee Remedit Newa, Nov 23, 2010 Open View Talet Lals, hap Aalaopnviewpartnersclcmpay-cubure by the mumdes/Employ ee Enygemet Statatic The Sacial Warkpha lugusta, 201 I, hap LI//ecialeon mpkoyee mgment statitica augut-0LL-adition 4 Coparate Cubure The Lhimate Statiyic Amet, Eric Flahdtr and wanne Ranile e 21 IStmkoal Businesa Rocka รก The Wal art Wary Dan Soderquist ems, Nlon Businsa a HER. Cilbue Changethat Sticka, Katnitach, Stiemnd Cardine Kaley, July -Augat 2012, HEReg HAPPINESS I

A Case For Culture

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The essential business element impacting both your people, and your bottom line.


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