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Carousel30: What's in a Name?

Carousel30 What's in a name? People often ask us where the name "Carousel30" came from. A couple clues: While a lot of other agencies are named after partners' last names or descriptive words, we've had our name for 9 years now and many people still don't know its origin. We hope to clear that up for everyone, and we're flattered by your curiosity. people that ask us where our name came from common assumptions about our name (n percentages) (in percentages) ASK US AT OUR FIRST MEETING 30 SOMETHING TO DO WITH WITH THEM AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES EVENTUALLY ASK US SOMETHING TO DO WITH KODAK'S SLIDE PROJECTORS QUIETLY SPEND THE REST OF GET IT RIGHT THE 1ST TRY THEIR LIVES WONDERING OTHER Here's the real answer Our name comes from the 1976 sci-fi film "Logan's Run," starring Michael York and Farrah Fawcett. In the film, citizens of a utopian society undergo a ritual called Carrousel (note the spelling) when they turn 30. When you turn 30. the Lifeclock, a crystal in the palm of your hand, glows red. Time for Carrousell Carrousel is meant to be a ritual of renewal and rebirth, but you'll have to watch the movie to see what really happens. symbol that rebels within the utopian city use to identify themselves. Next time you see us, ask us why we chose the name. prior knowledge of "Logan's Run" when we explain our name's origin "LOGAN'S WHAT?" REMEMBER IT AFTER HEARING A FEW DETAILS in per centiges) KNOW IT RIGHT AWAY We started using our current logo in January 2009, right after we moved to our current office. A few more details Roger Ebert called "Logan's Run" a "vast, silly extravaganza" in his 1976 review. We have had 3 unique logos since we were Our logo (not our name) is based on the idea of a founded: Kodak Carousel slide projector, truly one of the original multi-media devices, introduced in 1962. 2003 2006 2009 It is a loosely enforced policy that all new Carousel30 employees must watch "Logan's Run" before their The "C" in our logo was drawn by hand by our Founder and VP of Strategy Greg Kihlström start date. Are we excited about the long-rumored "Logan's Run" remake? We're waiting to see who's attached first. A SINCERE APPRECIATION FOR CAMPY SCIENCE FICTION factors that contribute to a viewer's enjoyment of "Logan's Run" LOVE OF SPACY SOUNDTRACKS AN ODDLY INTENSE DEVOTION To THE FILM CATALOG OF MICHAEL in percentages) YORK AND/OR FARRAH FAWCETT THE ABILITY TO WATCH NEARLY ANYTHING AS LONG AS IT TAKES PLACE IN A DYSTOPIAN FUTURE Extra credit Tweet @Carousel30 with the answer to the following question and we'll send you a piece of trivia about "Logan's Run" that will| impress your friends. Well, maybe just some of them. In the movie "Logan's Run," the age when citizens attend Carrousel is 30. In the novel, what age is it? While other infographics we produce are based on much more scientific primary or secondary research, the facts and figures presented here are anecdotal at best. Facts about "Logan's Run" are courtesy there's more at

Carousel30: What's in a Name?

shared by Carousel30 on Jan 18
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Infographic explaining the origins of a digital agency's name. Spoiler Alert: it is based on a campy science fiction film from the 1970s.



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