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The Career Value of Microsoft Excel

How Will You Benefit From Learning Excel? Rows MICROSOFT EXCEL IS A SPREADSHEET What is PROGRAM WITH DIGITAL WORKSHEETS DIVIDED INTO COLUMNS AND ROWS, WHICH Excel? ARE USED TO CALCULATE NUMBERS AND ORGANIZE INFORMATION. Is Excel Only Used in Big Companies? What Is Excel Used For? If theres money or data involved, Excel is used. The short answer is-no. Excel iS useful in the business world, sure, but it also has many, many uses for the everyday person: A DIETER TRYING TO CORRELATE EXCEL IS USED TO: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN WORKOUT & WEIGHT LOSS STORE DATABASE RECORDS A STAY-AT-HOME MOM (OR DAD) CONDUCT PLANNING TRYING TO TRACK HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES AND DETERMINE IF THEY MANAGE BUDGETS HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR A NEW CAR Who uses CREATE CHARTS & GRAPHS Excel at Workplace? A TEACHER TRYING TO COMPARE ONE STUDENT'S PERFORMANCE TO ANALYZE BUSINESS THEIR PEER GROUP INTELLIGENCE, SALES & MARKETING DATA A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER KEEP CUSTOMER & NEARLY EVERYONE IN THE ACCOUNTING FOR INVENTORY AND STAFF RECORDS MODERN WORKPLACE WHETHER OR NOT TO UPGRADE USES EXCEL, AT LEAST ITS TO A NEW PRODUCT BASIC FUNCTIONS. EXCEL SKILLS ARE ESSENTIAL TO ANY A SCIENTIST TRYING TO ANALYZE CAREER THAT INVOLVES 000 RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN MANAGING EXPERIMENT VARIABLES MONEY OR DATA. Excel Power-User Careers BUSINESS INTERLLIGENCE ANALYST INVESTMENT BANKING ANALYST MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT ACCOUNTANT MARKETING ANALYST $44,965 | $50,232 $55,591 $58,386 $70,676 (Starting salary per year) (Starting salary per year) (Starting salary per year) (Starting salary per year) (Starting salary per year) How Can Knowing Excel Increase Your Salary? Take a look at how employees with Excel experience and know-how increase their annual salaries* – the data alone shows that Excel is an especially potent skill: Before After Occupation: Writing Occupation: Writing $37,366-$79,986 $38,320-$83,030 Occupation: Management of Material Resources Occupation: Management of Material Resources $39,753-$69,827 $55,510-$73,169 Occupation: Judgment & Decision Making Occupation: Judgment & Decision Making $41,425-$82,217 $48,481-$83,678 Occupation: Instructing Occupation: Instructing $43,623-$73,154 $44,254-$77,303 Salaries listed are medlan salarles for occupational categories In the 0°Net database determined by a survey from 2011 How Will You Benefit From Learning Excel? 1. Make Your Résumé Stand Out * LEARN ESSENTIAL SKILLS COMPANIES ARE LOOKING FOR DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF FROM OTHER APPLICANTS GAIN VALUABLE EXPERIENCE AND CONFIDENCE INCREASE YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE 2. Gain Useful, Everyday Excel Skills Beginner Skills Intermediate to Advanced Skills CREATING A NEW WORKBOOK USING A PIVOT TABLE TO "SLICE AND DICE" DATA, HELPING TO ANALYZE AND SUMMARIZE IT ENTERING AND EDITING TEXT AND NUMERICAL DATA INTO MORE EFFECTIVELY CELLS CREATING MACROS IN VISUAL BASIC (VBA) INSERTING AND DELETING DATA ROWS AND COLUMNS TO AUTOMATE REPORTS. FORMATTING AND USING SIMPLE MATH FORMULAS TO PERFORM CALCULATIONS CLEAN UP DATA THAT UPDATE RESULTS WHEN VALUES CHANGE KNOWING ADVANCED KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS BUILDING CHARTS OR GRAPHS THAT DEPICT BUSINESS TRENDS TO PROGRAM SPREADSHEETS WITH LIGHTNING SPEED shilhdyp SOURCES http://www.microsof suunjo)

The Career Value of Microsoft Excel

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This infographic covers as to why everyone should learn excel...




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