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Capita Business Guide To Rio de Janeiro

CAPITA I Presents RIO DE JANEIRO GIG RIO DE JANEIRO FF1026 CB 1610 YOUR NEXT BUSINESS DESTINATION Rio de Janeiro may be a serious party town, but don't let the buzzing nightlife fool you. There's a wealth of opportunity for the business traveller in this rapidly growing economy. Take a look at our top tips to surviving business in Rio... BOOMING INDUSTRIES LR1130 Transport Consumer Goods Energy Tourism Construction Metals & Mining Media Production DOING BUSINES...THE RIO WAY 12 Don't expect to follow the same steps you'd take with a potential partner on home ground. In Rio, business is personal. Doing business in here is worthwhile but complex. Expect to put in the hours to build a good relationship with your business partner. 6. Without winning their trust, you may struggle to get off the ground! BUILDING RAPPORT TOPICS TO TALK ABOUT lete Gille DESODORA Football: You'll struggle to find a city as passionate about football as Rio. And, as hosts to the 2014 World Cup, interest in the sport is about to reach fever pitch! Family and children: A safe topic in most cultures, it's always nice to show an interest in your business partner's family. Cille Music: A city that moves to its own natural rhythm, music is another great love of Brazilians. TOPICS TO AVOID Argentina - A rocky history has led to a bit of a love-hate relationship between the neighbouring countries. Politics - Brazilians often joke that one should never discuss politics! Poverty - Economic equality remains an issue in Rio, with 26% of the population living below the poverty line. Religion - Unless your potential business partners bring it up, avoid talking about religion as a matter of politeness. The rainforest - Due to deforestation in Brazil, this can be a sensitive topic of conversation. But don't worry if you veer into a taboo conversation ..Brazilians are known as gracious and forgiving! GETTING STARTED Arrange a get-to-know-each-other meeting. Here, you can let your potential partners know more about your company. More importantly, you can begin the relationship building process. If your potential partner is running late, don't interpret this as rude or lazy. Life can be more laid back in Brazil and punctuality often isn't a major concern. But don't follow suit! Arrive with plenty of time to meetings and be aware that traffic in Rio can be hectic. X. Expect a long, firm handshake and strong eye contact when meeting and greeting as well as a kiss on the cheek (for both men and women). Account for the time to handshake and kiss when planning your schedule. On arrival and departure this can take around 10 minutes! Let your Rio companions set the tone of the meeting and avoid mentioning numbers at this stage. Discussing prices and figures during your first meeting can be seen as arrogant. Don't expect to get anything done around Carnival week! In fact, avoid attempts to conduct business in Rio in February altogether. BRAZILIAN BODY LANGUAGE • Brazilians typically talk to one another in close proximity, often touching 1 arms and 2 elbows. • You can expect a fair amount of 3 back slapping among men too. 4 Eye contact is also important, particularly upon greeting. • Avoid using the 5 'OK' hand gesture! This is seen as rude across Brazil. • As a tropical city, your business 6 dress code should accommodate both scorching temperatures and professional expectations. • Where possible, choose light clothing and avoid cotton, but remember that a 7 conservative European dress code is expected for meetings. THINGS TO CONSIDER • Avoid unnecessary changeover in closely-involved team members. This is unlikely to go down well with your Rio partners. • This is particularly true of your negotiating team. Brazilians negotiate with people, not organisations, so an upheaval may mean starting from scratch. • Building a relationship works in your favour too. Legal action in Brazil can drag on for years so it pays to get to know your partner before signing on the dotted line. • Deals and processes can move along at a snail's pace. If you're working with the public sector, expect to contend with a mountain of bureaucracy and a complex legal system. • Consider employing the expertise of a local business professional. In some cases this will be absolutely necessary! • While English is widely spoken, language barriers may crop up. An interpreter can help avoid important messages from getting lost in translation. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE • Brazil's currency is the Real (BRL). TAXI RESTAURANT • Flights to Rio typically land at Galeão International Airport. 200 BA O According to TripAdvisor, the number one business hotel in Rio is The Copacabana 222333 Palace Hotel. O With normal traffic, a trip from the airport to Zona Sul (where you'll find Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon), will cost around R$40 to R$50 on a yellow taxi meter. 200 duzentos cruzeiros A 0658022956 A SUBTOTAL R$ 400 O It's customary to tip in Rio. For waiters this is typically 10% and often included in your GRATUITY R$ 40 TOTAL R$ 440 food bill. ========================== PORTUGUESE PHRASES Bom dia(bong-deer) Good morning Boa tarde (boah-tard) Good afternoon Boa noite (boah-no-ee-te) Good evening or good night Obrigado/Obrigada (Ob-ree-gad-owe) Thank you Como vai? (Koh-mo-vey) How are you? your family? Meu Cartão (May-car-tow) Here is my card Como vai a sua família? (Koh-mo-vey-a-swee-fa-mi-lja) How O senhor (Ooh-seen-yoh) Sir A senhora (A-seen-yoh-rah) Madam Tchau (Chaa-ooh) Bye CAPITA: Photo Credits: Design: Bite Digital ( Sources: Juliana Coutinho astrangelyisolatedplace Fotos Sergio Savarese reyatutti Team at Studios il

Capita Business Guide To Rio de Janeiro

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Looking at Rio de Janeiro’s incredible landscape and sparkling social scene, it can be easy to forget that, at it’s core, Brazil’s second largest city is a bustling business town. With around 12...


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