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Can ATM Machines Make You Money?

CAN ATM MACHINES MAKE YOU MONEY ? TTT ATM MACHINE POPULARITY ATM Total Number of ATM Machines currently in use: 2.2 million Total Average of Transactions per ATM Machine: 900 Total Ratio of People per ATM Machine: Average amount of time a new ATM machine Is Installed: 5 minutes 3,000 to 1 ATM PROFITS FROM TRANSACTION FEES $1.25 transaction fee + 300 ATM withdrawals per week = the direct profit would be $375 per week 111 ATM FOR BUSINESS OWNER TT Average ATM Withdrawal at a business: $60 Total percent that sales will increase by installing ATM: 20% Total percent more that ATM users will spend than Non-ATM users: 23% Average times the typical ATM user wiNll visit an ATM per month: 7.4 Total average of money dispensed at night clubs that stays there: 75% For a business owner who places an ATM in a business, the profit is bigger because people generally spend what they withdraw. Since the average withdrawal is $60, that's a potential $18,000 that could be spent in the store per week, based on the hypothetical 300 ATM Data is sourced from: Created by: | Infographic Design by:

Can ATM Machines Make You Money?

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These days, debit cards are ubiquitous yet debit machines are sometimes hard to find. A lot of business owners find that putting a debit machine at their place of business is a great convenience for c...




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